Monday Nov 24, 2014

How to Create Custom Invoice Charges Matching Validations for LCM

In R12.2.4 Landed Cost Management and Oracle Payables development teams are delivering Invoice Matching Enhancements which will not only expose the LCM information at the time of invoice matching but they are also creating hooks for users to write their own code for validating from a LCM perspective.

A white paper has been written to help the technical teams understand how validations could be written, including sample code.

The following are supported by those public APIs:

  • Validate a match to an individual receipt line, under LCM perspective, and decide if the match should be allowed or not, depending on the validation results
  • Validate the whole invoice, under LCM perspective, and decide if the invoice should be put on hold or not, depending on the validation results

For more information please review How to Create Custom Invoice Charges Matching Validations for LCM (Doc ID 1678192.1)

Thursday Jul 24, 2014

Discrete LCM Transactional Data Diagnostic Analyzer

The Discrete_LCM_TransDataDiag.sql script extracts the transactional data from all the relevant tables in the Procure to Pay Cycle with Discrete LCM integration for a selected Purchase Order.  It extracts the relevant information from the below product areas:
  •     Purchasing Information
  •     Receiving Information
  •     Landed Cost Information
  •     Payables Information
  •     Inventory Information and
  •     Discrete Financials Information
The data extract is presented in HTML format so to analyze and understand the root cause for the issues like item cost mismatch or incorrect journal entries. This also helps in understanding of any data corruption.

Refer to Doc ID 1677699.1 for an overview of LCM Transactional Data; as well as, how to download and run the Discrete LCM Transactional Data Diagnostic Analyzer, its' input parameters, and a sample output.

Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

Discrete LCM Integration Key Setup Analyzer

Oracle Landed Cost Management (LCM) enables organizations to gain insight into the real costs associated with acquiring products. Landed cost is the cost to "land" a product on the buyer's final location. These costs are initially estimated and then updated with actual amounts, as they become known, allocating them to shipments, orders, and products. Landed costs may include costs like freight, storage, taxes, and handling.

The Discrete-LCM integration provides better insight for product forecasting and budgeting, and provides clear evidence of the detailed accumulation of expenses for regulatory requirements and reporting.

Refer to Doc ID 1677693.1 for key setups involved in using LCM on Discrete organizations; as well as, how to download and run the Discrete LCM Integration Key Setup Analyzer Script, its' input parameters, and a sample output.

Wednesday Jun 11, 2014

Generating Landed Cost Management Charges using Custom Pricing Attributes

Learn how to incorporate Custom Pricing Attributes into Landed Cost Management through a new whitepaper. 

The new application, Landed Cost Management (LCM), enables exact shipment charges to be applied to incoming receipts. These charges are calculated using the Freight and Special Charges functionality from Advanced Pricing within the Pricing Transaction Entity of “Purchasing”.

Advanced Pricing is very flexible in that custom attributes can be defined to derive specific charges. The way that Landed Cost Management builds these attributes is different from the processing for Advanced Pricing with Purchasing.

The whitepaper can be downloaded from document Oracle Advanced Pricing White Papers, Doc ID 136687.1.

Friday Aug 12, 2011

LCM Integration with Procurement

ADVISOR WEBCAST: LCM Integration with Procurement

August 23, 2011 at 9:00 am New York, 2:00 pm London, 03:00 pm Egypt, 06:30 pm India

This one-hour session is recommended for technical and functional users who would like to know about Landed Cost Management (LCM) setup and its integration with Procurement.

  • Review briefly on the setup to be ready for using LCM
  • Understand Pre-Receiving Workflow for LCM
  • Adding Charges to Purchase Orders
  • Viewing Estimated Landed Cost
  • Matching AP Invoices to LCM Shipments
  • View Actual Landed Cost
  • The associated accounting

A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

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