Thursday Jul 17, 2014

Get more out of Product Information Management with PIM Training Resources

Are you new to Product Information Management (PIM)? Could it be that you're an experienced PIM User, but would like to refresh or expand some of your PIM knowledge? Perhaps you just have questions on PIM functionality. Have no fear, look no further! Training Doc ID 1498058.1 is available to help with everything PIM: R12 Product Information Management (PIM) Training [Video] (Doc ID 1498058.1).

Doc ID 1498058.1
contains detailed training information and short video's from set-up to usage of PIM. The document is updated regularly with new and up-to-date information, so be sure to bookmark it on your browser for future reference.

In addition to Doc ID 1498058.1, there are other valuable PIM (and overall Logistics) training resources, including Oracle Inventory, Product Information Management and Warehouse Management Teams Informational Webcast Series (Doc ID 1290983.1) and Logistics (Inventory, BOM, Engineering, WMS) & Product Information Management (PIM) Training Catalogue (Doc ID 1077411.1).

Enjoy expanding the world of Product Information Management through PIM training resources.

Thursday Aug 01, 2013

One Stop Shop for EBS ATG Product Information

Information Centers offer a good alternative to searching the knowledge base.  Each Information Center (IC) has a list of dynamically created content based on a series of typical tasks, for example Overview, Use, Troubleshooting, Patching and Maintenance, etc.  Each Task will have sub-areas on the page that group similar content together.  Because the content is dynamic, the latest notes will automatically be included.  So, ICs offer a quick and easy way to find and review documents in one product area or topic without having to execute a search.  Check out some of the ATG EBS Product Information Centers listed below.

Information Center Doc Id
Application Technology Group (ATG) Product Information Center 1160285.1
Oracle BI Publisher (BIP) Product Information Center 1338762.1
Concurrent Process – Product Information Center 1304305.1
E-Business Suite: Oracle Workflow (WF) Product Information Center 1320509.1
Information Center: E-Business Suite Utilities (Cloning, Autoconfig, Patching) 1375925.2
Oracle E-Business Suite iSetup Product Information Center 1551167.2
Information Center: Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite (AMP) 1542043.2
E-Business Suite – Technology Stack : Navigation (landing) Page 1480550.1
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 1478637.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack OID and SSO and OAM 1461465.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Webcenter Portal 1462203.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Oracle Virtual Machine Templates 1462696.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Discoverer 1466177.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack iAS Webserver 1463141.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Java 1462263.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Framework 1478639.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Forms 1411953.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Reports 1478635.2
      Overview: EBS Technology Stack Database and RAC 1463217.2

You can find more information on E-Business Suite Information Centers across the EBS products here (Doc ID 444.2)

Thursday Aug 30, 2012

Oracle Payables Accounting Information Centres

Payables Accounting Information Centers

Do you have error when trying to create accounting in Payables ?

Do you have questions about Payables Accounting ?

The following new Information centers include solutions to many of the issues and answers to your questions.

         Overview  Hot Topics Resources

Information Center: Oracle Payables Accounting R12 ( Doc ID 1476284.2)

Under Hot Topics:

Include details about: Recommended patches, new solution documents, GDF patches, Announcements, links to Communities.

Under Resources:

Popular Troubleshooting documents, Accounting Documentation,

popular Knowledge documents, links to other info centers.


Information Center: Using Oracle Payables Accounting (Doc ID 1478842.2)

Include product documentation, Reconciliation, Upgrade, Performance, Undo Accounting, Trace and FND Debug, and Diagnostics.


Information Center: Troubleshooting Oracle Payables Accounting (Doc ID 1478863.2)

Include Troubleshooting documents, Period close, GL Transfer, Trial Balance, Budget, Health Check.

Do you have other questions..............?

Post your question to the Oracle Payables Community

1. Log into My Oracle Support.
2. Click on the 'Community' link at the top of the page.
3. Click in 'Find a Community' field and enter Payables 
4. Double click on Payables in the list.


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