Friday May 27, 2016

Announcement: 12.2 RUP 8 Available Now!

We are pleased to announce that 12.2 HRMS RUP8 has been released and is generally available on My Oracle Support (MOS)!

This RUP level includes several new features - such as:


  • Manage Assignment Set using Web ADI


  •  Self Service State W-4
  • Bank Account Verification in Self Service HR
  • Validate Addresses Using Vertex Web Services
  • Calculate Advance Vacation Pay
  • Support All State Minimum Wage Rates
  • Generate Zero Net Payslip
  • Use Payroll Archiver for US Territories (Guam)
  • Control Number of Days for Prenote
  • Avoid a Potential Mismatch in B and K Record State and Federal Amount Totals
  • Process 1099-R Corrections
  • Archive Prorated Federal 1099-R Amounts Based on Each State
  • Report Employee Account Numbers in the PSD Periodic Wage Listing Report
  • Report Employer-Level Corrections in the Federal W2c Magnetic Media Output File


  • Import File for Report on Hiring
  • Generate Amended Records of Employment (ROE)


  • Payroll Dashboard
  • QuickPay Archiver

 Please see the following My Oracle Support documents for more information:

  • Doc ID 2113297.1   Applying R12.HR_PF.C.Delta8 Release Update Pack
  • Doc ID 2113308.1   Oracle HRMS for Americas Release Notes, R12.HR_PF.C.Delta.8 Release Update Pack
  • Doc ID 2113305.1   Oracle Payroll Release Notes for R12.HR_PF.C.Delta8 Release Update Pack

*Please note that Release 12.2 HRMS RUP8 is a mandatory prerequisite for End of Year 2016 for Release 12.2 North American Payroll customers.

Thursday Dec 17, 2015

Announcement ! HCM Technical Analyzer has been RENAMED HR Technical Analyzer

Announcement !!

HCM Technical Analyzer  has been renamed  HR Technical Analyzer.

Based on valuable customer feedback, the Oracle EBS HCM team has reworked the HCM Technical Analyzer and this has been re-released as the 'HR Technical Analyzer'.

Payroll, OTL and Benefits information were removed from the HCM Technical Analyzer, as these are available in specific analyzers:

Check out this sample output.

The HR Technical Analyzer is a self-service health-check script that reviews HR related data, analyzes current configurations and settings for the environment and provides feedback and recommendations on best practices.  Analyzers may also be used as data collection tools by Oracle's support engineers.  Your application data is not altered in any way when you run this analyzer.

Information are structured in sections, but you can use “Show All Sections” and “Expand All Checks” in order to see all information.

Please, ensure that you download the latest version and you setup the new analyzer as concurrent request:

  1. Copy file HRTechnicalAZ.ldt on your server and use the applications FNDLOAD command below to import the concurrent program definition into your instance. 
    Run this command from the directory where you have downloaded the ldt file on your server, and note that the APPS password is needed:       


  2. This creates the concurrent program "HR Technical Analyzer" in the Human Resources application.

  3. Assign this concurrent program to all responsibilities that are used and run it as concurrent request.

Analyzers are designed by Oracle Support to proactively assist you to better diagnose and maintain your Oracle Application environments.  We welcome and encourage you to share your feedback via the HR Analyzer feedback link in the My Oracle Support Community : Human Capital Management - EBS (MOSC) .

Your feedback shapes the content of existing Analyzers and drives creation of new Analyzers.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2015

R12.1 Statutory Patch Released for Australia Oracle Payroll

Attention Australia Oracle Payroll customers:  Statutory updates effective from 01-JUL-2015 for Australia legislation have been released in the R12.1 Patch 21238399:R12.PER.B.          

This patch includes:
     • HELP tax scale changes (includes late change)
     • SFSS tax scale changes (includes late change)
     • PAYG Tax table changes (these are no longer changed with update)
     • Senior Australian Tax Rate Changes (these are no longer changed with update)
     • FBT gross up rate changes for Payment Summary from 1 April 2016
     • ETP threshold changes (CPI)
     • Super threshold changes (CPI)
     • Lump Sum E reportable amount increase to $1,200
     • ETP whole of Income Cap definition
     • Changes to TFN electronic lodgement file including the introduction of TSL (Trade Support Loan). This is an extension of HELP.

This patch will also include new functionality around non taxation of termination payments on death and reporting of employee’s with TFN all 1’s and 28 days has expired.

Please refer to the functional readme for details:  README FOR PATCH 21238399:R12.PER.B - STATUTORY UPDATES EFFECTIVE 1 July 2015 (Doc ID 2017621.1).  Also make sure to refer to the technical readme in the patch download for important patch installation instructions.

Note:  The 12.2 patch will be released as soon as possible.

Please also refer to the note: 2015 Important Messages for Australia Oracle Payroll Customers Summary (Doc ID 1999390.1)

If you have any questions or issues on this legislative patch, please log a new Service Request with Oracle HRMS (Australia) Payroll support.

Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

News for Oracle HRMS (Japanese) Users: 'My Number Act’

Are you wondering how Oracle HRMS (Japanese) will address the new 'My Number Act’?  Read on!

As per the new Japanese legislation, a new ID number system is required to be used in administrative procedures in Japan. The so-called ‘My Number Act’ is scheduled to be launched in January 2016. Japan will start assigning numbers to its citizens in October 2015.

This new ID number system will have some impact on Oracle's Japanese Human Resources and/or Payroll products, and we want you to be aware of how Oracle will address this legislative change. 

As such, Oracle Development has released a whitepaper:  E-Business Suite HRMS (Japan) My Number Act 2016 Position Statement (Doc ID 2016828.1).  Please go to My Oracle Support to read the document, so that you can be informed on how Oracle HRMS for Japan delivers these changes.

If you have any questions, please log a new Service Request with the Oracle HRMS (Japanese) team.

Thursday May 28, 2015

Webcast: Oracle Learning Management - Content Server Setup

Oracle HCM Advisor Webcast Program - June 2015

What:   Oracle Learning Management (OLM) Content Sever Setup

When:  Wednesday June 3, 2015 at 08:00 UK / 09:00 CET / 12:30 India / 17:00 Australia

This one-hour advisor webcast is recommended for functional users with a technical background, technical users, system administrators, Database Administrators, etc. who are planning to integrate the OLM Content Server in an E-Business Suite  Environment. 

Topics Included:

    Installation of web server
   Configuration of Content Server
   Setup from Learning Administrator
   Q & A

Details & Registration:  OLM Content Server Setup (DocID 2002215.1)

If you have any question about the schedules or if you have a suggestion for an Advisor Webcast to be planned in future, please send an E-Mail to Ruediger Ziegler

Monday Aug 18, 2014

EBS Extensions for Endeca 12.2 V5 Now Available

E-Business Suite Development has announced the availability of Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca 12.2 V5 - see the announcement here

This release adds the following new modules that can be used to extend Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2:

  • Oracle Service Contracts Extensions for Oracle Endeca
  • Oracle TeleService Extensions for Oracle Endeca
  • Oracle Human Resources Extensions for Oracle Endeca
  • Oracle Quality Extensions for Oracle Endeca.

These new modules are in addition to those already previously available.  Availability of these new and updated V5 modules for 12.1 is planned.

Where can I find more information?

  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel for Oracle E-Business Suite to get the latest on Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca.
  • Bookmark the Information Center: Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca (Doc ID 1486924.2)
  • Read about how to install Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca, Release 12.2 V5 (Doc ID 1614014.1).

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

INDIA Legislation: New State 'Telangana' Added in IN_STATES System Lookup

With effect from June 02, 2014 the new state of Telangana will be operational in the Indian Union.
Details of the new state are explained in the official gazette released on 1 March, 2014 by the Ministry of Home Affairs:

This new State has been added in the IN_STATES System Lookup: a new lookup code 'TG' with meaning 'Telangana' has been added.

For available patches on different R12 patch levels check out: Doc ID 1676224.1 New State Telangana Be Added In IN_STATES System Lookup.

Friday Mar 28, 2014

Australia: Workplace Gender Equality Reporting

From the 2013-14 reporting period, the requirements of the 'Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012' (Act) will be fully operational. Employers will be required to complete and submit online:

  • A workplace profile showing the composition of their workforce by gender; employment status; standardized occupational categories for managers and non–managers; for managers, their reporting level to the CEO; and remuneration data for managers and non-managers
  • The reporting questionnaire covering standardized reporting matters under the six gender equality indicator

Reporting period

The reporting period is the 12 month period from 1 April to 31 March annually and reports are due between 1 April and 31 May.

Who needs to report?

All non-public sector employers with 100 or more employees (relevant employers) are required to report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) annually.
If a relevant employer’s number of employees falls below 100, it must continue to report until its number of employees’ falls below 80.

For more information on reporting requirements and how to submit online please refer to the following website;


Oracle has released the following patch, which includes functionality for meeting the Workplace Gender Reporting requirement for Australia:

A whitepaper has also been released and is available on My Oracle Support outlining the setup and use of this feature.

Friday Dec 06, 2013

Diagnostic: HCM Technical Analyzer Now Available!

The HCM Proactive Support Delivery Team is introducing the HCM Technical Analyzer, a Health-Check script which reviews your overall HCM footprint by analyzing your current configurations and settings for your HCM environment.  The HCM Technical Analyzer is a non-invasive script which is designed to provide proactive feedback and recommendations associated with the HCM instance on which the analyzer is executed.

This Analyzer / Health Check / Data Collection tool is a PL*Sql script which will check the E-Business Suite environment and can be executed on all currently released / supported application versions  (i.e., 12.0, 12.1, and 12.2).   As the process executes, it will output diagnostics advice and proactive recommendations within an .html output file.

When reviewing the analyzer output, you can immediately see where issues are identified as they are displayed in red (errors), orange (warnings) or blue (best practices), so that they can be easily seen.  In addition to identifying areas of concern, the analyzer will also identify My Oracle Support (MOS) articles which can be utilized to resolve the issue.

The Analyzer can be executed using one of two 'Run Type' parameters: 

  • Run Type = ISSUES, which will execute the Analyzer / Health Check with the output geared to customer problem resolution. This option will display only those sections where an issue or potential issue is identified so that you the customer can proactively address them.
  • Run Type = ALL, which will execute the Analyzer as a Data Collection tool which can be used to assist an Oracle Support Engineer in resolving an issue.

 The Analyzer is designed specifically to be used with the Human Capital Management (HCM) products, which is driven by the following input parameter values:

  • BEN - Benefits
  • HR - Human Resources
  • IRC - iRecuitment
  • OTL - Oracle Time and Labor
  • PAY - Payroll
  • SSHR - Self Service Human Resources
  • ALL - All HCM products above.

When the Analyzer is executed an environment review is performed and feedback provided on: 

  • Performance related setups and checks
  • Invalid objects, disabled triggers, and database issues
  • Profile settings
  • Packages and java classes version
  • Patching status.

It is recommended that this script be setup as a concurrent request from the E-Business Suite interface so that it maybe executed by either Functional or Technical representatives from your business.

  • How to run the HCM Technical Analyzer as a Concurrent Request (Doc ID 1575663.1)

Download the HCM Technical Analyzer Script (Doc ID 1562530.1) Today, and Provide us your Feedback!

Monday Aug 12, 2013

HCM: News Collection

Below is a listing of our recent blog postings on topics in the Human Capital Management (HCM) product area:  

Friday Aug 09, 2013

HCM: HRMS Release Update Packs (RUP) for 2013 - Available Now!

Did you know that all of the 2013 HRMS RUPs (Release Update Pack) have been released?  Yes!

Here are the patch numbers for the 2013 RUP releases:

App. Version
RUP Name
 Patch #
Release Date
Release 11i Family Pack K RUP8 14488556 5/3/2013
Release 12.0 HRMS RUP 11 16077077 8/2/2013
Release 12.1 HRMS RUP6 16000686 5/31/2013

These patches can be downloaded from My Oracle Support (MOS).  Be sure to review the README for important prerequisite, patching, and post-install information (including data installer and hrglobal.drv ) BEFORE applying the patch.

Why is the RUP important to your business? 

Keeping up with application of the current HRMS RUP is important so that your system has the latest HR & Payroll features and bug fixes.  Also, the current RUP patches listed above are all a mandatory requirement for Year End processing in the Oracle Payroll localizations delivered by Product Development (known as 'Tier 1') legislation's and US Federal HR products. For more information, review MOS Document.295406.1

What’s included in these RUP patches?

Typically the RUP includes changes for new features or functionality that Oracle Development is releasing at that time.  The RUP also includes bug fixes for various issues that have been discovered & resolved over the last several months since the last RUP update.  Also, depending on your legislation, the RUP may include legislative specific changes or updates which are timely and necessary for staying current with HR and Payroll functionality in your legislation.

For a list of the new features, changes, and bug fixes, review the README documents on My Oracle Support.  There you’ll find details explaining what is being delivered in the patch, as well as important information regarding the application of the patch. These documents include links to legislative specific README notes, where you can also review what has been delivered specifically for your legislation.  As mentioned before, review the README information BEFORE applying the patch.

Here are the README documents which are available on My Oracle Support (MOS) for the 2013 RUP releases:

  • Doc ID 1540662.1  About Oracle 11i HRMS Family Pack K Rollup 8(RUP8) (14488556 11i.HR_PF.K.DELTA.8) - Global
  • Doc ID 1564126.1 Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Readme, HRMS Release Update Pack 11 Release 12.0
  • Doc ID 1549442.1  Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Readme, HRMS Release Update Pack 6  Release 12.1

Are there any issues with applying these latest RUP patches?

Yes, please be aware that there could be some issues that were discovered after these RUP patches were released.  There is a ‘known issues’ document for each release version, to give you a heads-up on what might impact your environment.  So be sure to review these documents as well, in conjunction with the patch README documents.

  • Doc ID 1538593.1  Known Issues on Top of Patch 14488556 - 11i.HR_PF.K.DELTA.8 (HRMS 11i RUP8)
  • Doc ID 1538635.1 Known Issues on Top of Patch 16077077 - R12.HR_PF.A.DELTA.11 (HRMS 12.0 RUP11)
  • Doc ID 1538636.1 Known Issues on Top of Patch 16000686 - R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.6(HRMS 12.1 RUP6)

So don’t delay! Year End processing is just around the corner for some legislations, so you want to be prepared by having the latest RUP patch already tested & applied! If you have any issues or questions when applying the RUP patch, please do a Knowledge search on My Oracle Support (MOS) , and review the known issues documentation.

As always, if you can’t find the solution there, please log a new Service Request for assistance from Oracle Support.

Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

Configuration Workbench for Open Enrollment

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Monday Oct 18, 2010

Best Practices for Open Enrollment

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Monday Jul 12, 2010

Knowing R12.0 HRMS RUP8

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