Monday Aug 19, 2013

HCM: Three New Troubleshooting Assistants for HCM...and One Gets a New Look

You may be familiar with the term "Search Helper".  A Search Helper for iRecruitment was introduced last year as an easy and fast method to finding a relevant, complete solution to common issues encountered by our customers.  Search Helpers exist for many products across the E-Business Suite.

Search Helpers have been re-tooled to provide an improved customer experience within My Oracle Support.  Part of that re-tooling includes reformatting and renaming the Search Helpers to one or more Assistants that more clearly define the intent or purpose of the guided resolution.  Whether you are using the Assistant within My Oracle Support to resolve an issue through Search/Browse or as part of SR creation, you will notice a different look to the Assistants, but the same information as was previously available via the Search Helpers will be provided via the Assistants.

Here's a new look at the Troubleshooting Assistant for iRecruitment (Doc ID 1451641.1):

Three new Troubleshooting Assistants have been published to help you resolve errors in HR and Payroll.
Check out the new assistants:
ORA Errors in HR - Doc ID 1561356.1
ORA Errors in Payroll -  Doc ID 1561515.1
APP Errors in Payroll - Doc ID 1566491.1

For a full listing of all assistants in EBS check the index note Doc ID 1501724.1.

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Check Out The New Search Helper For 'Adpatch' Utility

Have you seen the new Search Helper for problems and documentation relating to the 'adpatch' utility?   Check out the details in Doc ID 1502809.1.

The Search Helper presents you with a wizard-like interface where you select the task you are attempting, the symptoms or errors you are hitting and arrives at a targeted list of solutions based on that information.  This is a simple and quick way of searching for any issues that you are having with adpatch.

Search helper screenshot

How to use this tool:

1. Select the intent or task that is failing.

2. A list of known symptoms (or facts) associated with the task will display under the section "In addition the following occurs".

3. As you select symptoms the solutions section will populate (and change as you select or deselect).

Tuesday Sep 18, 2012

Procurement Search Helpers

To access all our Procurement Search Helpers see Doc ID 1391332.2 our Procurement Information Center Index, then click on Purchasing under Procurement Suite.

Here you will see links to our Procurement Search Helpers:

Search Helpers provide a collection of solutions based on the symptoms you enter. Try these before logging a Service Request.  If you are not sure how to use Search Helpers, click on 'About this Note' in each document.

Current Procurement Search Helpers:

Doc ID

Search Helper Title


 EBS : Purchase Order and Requisition Approval Search Helper (In Process or Incomplete Status)


EBS : PO Output for Communication / Supplier Notification Issues Search Helper


EBS : Requisition To Purchase Order Search Helper


EBS : Purchase Document Open Interface and API Search Helper


EBS : Search Helper for RVTII-060 Errors in Receiving


EBS : Purchasing Buyer Work Center Search Helper


EBS : Document Control Issues Search Helper

Wednesday Jun 06, 2012

New! EBS : Search Helper for RVTII-060 Errors in Receiving (Doc ID 1391970.1)

Next time you experience the RVTII-060 error when doing a receipt in Procurement, try our new Search Helper in DOC ID 1391970.1.  As shown in the screenshot below, simply pick the error you are experiencing and the symptom or symptoms that pertain and notes with possible solutions or help will be returned.  Drill down and review the notes to see if your issue can be resolved.  Choose the 'View Demonstration Video' link to watch a quick video for more information on how to use the Search Helper.

To see all Procurement Search helpers go to the Procurement Product Information Centers in DOC ID 1391332.2.


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