Thursday Jun 30, 2016

Now Available: General Ledger Health Check Analyzer

EBS Analyzers are complex Diagnostics provided by Oracle to help troubleshoot issues, identify any problems and proactively help resolve any situation reported. The result is presented as an easy-to-read html page outlining items that need to be reviewed and adjusted, along with confirmation of correct validations for existing setups. You can execute the Analyzer via SQL script or Concurrent Request.

In the world of EBS Analyzers there is a NEW one available:  General Ledger Health Check Analyzer!

Perform immediate health check analysis, get proactive recommendations for:

  • Misclassified Accounts
  • Overlapping Child Accounts
  • Duplicate Rows in GL Tables
  • Period Closing
  • Calendar Overlapping periods or Gaps data
  • Budgetary Control 

In addition, find in the same output: 

  • Instance Overview
  • Proactive and Preventive Recommendations
  • Diagnostics Apps Check 

Use the power of almost All our GL Diagnostics by running a single Analyzer!

Download it now and find out more about this tool in: 

EBS General Ledger Health Check Analyzer (Doc ID 2117528.1)

Tuesday Oct 14, 2014

ORAchk Health Checks Tool: New Version Released

The new ORAchk release is now available to download.

Easier to stay up to date with the most current version of ORAchk

ORAchk release versioning now aligns with and follows the same format used by the Oracle 12c Database Patch Set Updates (PSUs); this version is, the next will be

It’s also now even easier to update ORAchk across multiple machines.

  1. Download the latest release of into a shared network staging directory
  2. Set the environment variable $RAT_UPGRADE_LOC to the staging directory
  3. The next time ORAchk is run it will prompt you to auto update

Over 70 new EBS checks

ORAchk support for EBS has been enriched and broadened, with even more checks for Oracle Payables (R12) and Oracle Workflow and now with release introduces new support for Oracle Order Management (R12) and Oracle Process Manufacturing (R12).

New ORAchk Support for Windows

ORAchk is now supported on Windows when run within a Cygwin environment. Instructions for configuring Cygwin can be found from Document 1268927.2. ORAchk now includes hundreds of database and application checks which will run on Windows. There are even more Windows specific checks in the pipeline.

Easier execution for environments with role separation

You no longer need to have different users execute different ORAchk profiles to workaround your company’s implementation of role separation. ORAchk can now be run once as root to execute all checks. Prior to executing checks that do not require root access, ORAchk will switch user to the lower level accounts.

Faster execution time

When running against multiple databases, ORAchk can now run database checks in parallel meaning it takes a fraction of the time to complete execution. Parallel database execution is now the default. It can be turned off, if you prefer to run checks serially.

Enhanced comparison of result output

Quickly find out what has changed on your system between two ORAchk runs. When ORAchk is run with the –diff command it will now not only compare check results but collection data too. Quickly compare and understand differences in kernel parameters or database initialization parameters.

For more details and to download the latest release of ORAchk see Document 1268927.2

Thursday Apr 03, 2014

Experience a Smoother Period Close with the Inventory Analyzer

Get immediate analysis and output of your EBS Inventory Application by using the Inventory Analyzer. The Inventory Analyzer script reviews the current Inventory rollup levels, confirms installation of critical and recommended patches, analyzes common data issues, reviews setups, and provides information on some specific performance issues.

Go to Inventory Analyzer : Health Check For Common Inventory Data Issues, Critical Patches, And Setups (Doc ID 1499475.1) for more details, the Inventory Analyzer script download, and a short overview video.

Inventory Analyzer Benefits:

* Immediate Analysis and Output of your Environment
* Identifies Inventory roll-up patch levels
* Identifies Missing Critical and Recommended Patches
* Discover existing Common Data Corruptions in your Environment

The Inventory Analyzer presents key details in an easy to read manner. For example, the analyzer gives a table with patches marked Missing (red) or Installed (white).

In a similar way, data issues are flagged as marked having a Data Issue (red) or Not (white).

Run the Inventory Analyzer on a regular basis to monitor the health of your Inventory Transactions and Application. The Inventory Analyzer can be a key tool to help identify and fix issues well before the end of your accounting period. Line yourself up for a quicker, smoother, Inventory period close, by using the Inventory Analyzer.


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