Friday Oct 24, 2014

How to Customize Your Field Service Wireless Application

For some time now customers have been asking for the ability to customize the Field Service Wireless application so that custom pages can be added.  The Field Service development team listened and have now incorporated that functionality into the product in 12.1.3+.

The application now allows you to add a custom page built using JSP technology using AOL/J infrastructure.

Refer to Doc ID 1936276.1 for full instructions, including sample JSP code.

Monday Jul 28, 2014

How to Customize the Field Service Debrief Report

The Field Service Debrief Report shows a summary of all the debrief lines added for a task and it contains the customer signature image.  The report is built using the XML Publisher techstack and is generated with two parts:

  • Report Format (using RTF template)
  • Data XML file (generated using the standard code).

A common requirement is to change this report to meet specific business requirements.  In Customize Field Service Debrief Report (Doc ID 1669768.1) we discuss how to customize this report for both Format and Data.  The note also provides sample hook and java code to generate the custom data XML.

Wednesday Jul 17, 2013

Mobile Field Service Store and Forward Multiple Platforms

The Mobile Field Service Store and Forward Multiple Platform application allows field service technicians to remotely access customer, product, service request and task related information on mobile devices.  Technicians can continue to update their tasks, capture materials, time, expense details, access inventory levels, return, transfer and request parts, regardless of the internet connectivity and synchronize when they are online. 

This solution integrates data across the Enterprise and Mobile devices through secure channels. This highly optimized solution runs on most of the mobile platforms and form factors that are available in the market. The Multiple Platform application runs in hybrid model that allows technicians to leverage more features when there is connectivity.  The application is available currently on iOS and Android platforms.

In contrast with the current Oracle Mobile Field Service Store and Forward application, the Multiple Platform application does not utilize Oracle Lite server as the middle tier server to synchronize data.  Instead, it uses the Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs to synchronize data between the server and the client database.

Store and Forward on iPhone

If you want to know more see Doc ID 1564644.1 for details of how to use and implement this new feature.


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