Monday Sep 08, 2014

How to Fix FRM- and ORA- Errors in Oracle Teleservice

We get hundreds of support service requests reporting various FRM-xxxx or ORA-xxxx errors in the Oracle Teleservice Service Request, Contact Center or Tasks forms.  Did you know that there are just a few simple steps to resolving these errors?  The vast majority of these support requests are easily fixed by following one or more of the steps below:
  • Regenerate all JTF, CS and CSC packages, objects, forms and libraries.
  • Make sure that all the required products are set as 'Installed'.
  • Apply the latest Service RUP patch so that you are on the latest codeline.
  • Ensure that you have correctly set the MO: Operating Unit profile.
Want to know more?  Take a look at our Troubleshooting guide: Service: Troubleshooting FRM-40735 Errors (FRM-40105, ORA-06508, ORA-1403, ORA-4062) in Service Requests, Contact Center, Tasks (Doc ID 1326683.1).

Thursday Apr 03, 2014

New Log Analyzer for Depreciation Error Logs

We have a new depreciation error log analyzer for Fixed Assets.  This new tool can be found in the document:  Log Inspector: Assets Depreciation (FADEPR) Terminated in Error (Doc ID 1626908.1).  When your depreciation process has terminated in error, you can use this tool to explore possible causes and find solutions. The Log Inspector will step you through the process. 

When you first view the Log Inspector document, you can select the link to view a short presentation about the use of the tool.  When you are ready to access the tool, you first select your release 12.0.x, 12.1.x, or 12.2.x.  Then select "Next."

The Log Inspector presents the second screen to you.  You will paste the contents of your depreciation error log file into the blank entry field.  When you select "Next," the Inspector will process the information provided to obtain a possible solution.

Error log

In this example, the depreciation error log was pasted into the Log Inspector's window, "Next" was selected, and the Inspector returned a solution:


The next time you encounter an error when running the depreciation process, consider utilizing the Log Inspector for analysis of the issue.  

Thursday Dec 20, 2012

Payroll Error After 2012 End Of Year 2012 Statutory Update II Patch

A number of customers are experiencing the following error after applying the US & CANADA END OF YEAR 2012 STATUTORY UPDATE II patch, and while running HRglobal.drv:

"ORA-20001: You cannot set the SAVE_RUN_BALANCE flag to 'N' or Null whilst valid run balances exist for the defined balance."


In the readme for these patches, in the post install steps, the following is noted:

This patch delivers change to disable the Run Balances for Defined Balance "Gross Earnings Assignment Quarter to Date". During HRGlobal Installation, if Valid Run Balances are found for this Defined Balance, then the process will fail with below error:                                                          
ERROR at line 1; ORA-20001: You cannot set the SAVE_RUN_BALANCE flag to 'N' or Null whilst valid run balances exist for the defined balance.
In order to prevent this error during HRGlobal Installation, it is necessary to execute below mentioned SQL Update Statement before HRGlobal Installation to invalidate the Run Balances present for this Defined Balance.
UPDATE pay_balance_validation pbv 
SET run_balance_status = 'I' 
WHERE pbv.run_balance_status <> 'I'     
   AND pbv.defined_balance_id IN   
    (SELECT defined_balance_id   
       FROM pay_defined_balances pdb,  
            pay_balance_types pbt,      
            pay_balance_dimensions pbd  
      WHERE pdb.legislation_code = 'US'
        AND pdb.balance_type_id = pbt.balance_type_id 
        AND pbt.balance_name = 'Gross Earnings'  
        AND pbt.legislation_code = 'US'
        AND pdb.balance_dimension_id = pbd.balance_dimension_id   
        AND pbd.database_item_suffix = '_ASG_QTD' 
        AND pbd.legislation_code = 'US');
Please follow the steps as given in the patch readme to resolve this issue.

Friday Mar 02, 2012

ALERT: Do NOT schedule Install Base Error Correction and Synchronization on a regular basis in Production

This note is to help users understand why there are error transactions in Oracle Installed Base, how to use the concurrent program 'Installed Base Date Correction and Synchronization Program' to correct some of these error transactions and what can be corrected by this program.

If you are using this functionality please review the following to learn more:

How to Solve Installed Base Error Transactions Using Installed Base Data Correction and Synchronization Program (Doc ID 734933.1)


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