Tuesday Mar 03, 2015

R12: Important Enhancement: ON-THE-FLY SLA Upgrade of Historical SLA Distributions--BATCH MODE!

Previous Announcement

In September of 2014 we announced the release of an important new enhancement in Oracle Payables that would allow you to transparently upgrade upstream 11i transactions from periods which had not been upgraded for Subledger Accounting (SLA), and which would negatively affect the accounting of dependent downstream transactions--without needing to apply the SLA Hot Patch or run the SLA: Upgrade Historical Subledger Transaction Accounting program.

The details and important benefits of that critical release and how it works can be found in detail in this blog post from back in Nov-14.

The only limitation to the functionality released back then was that it was only available when accounting transactions in "Online Mode". Now we are happy to announce that the second phase of this enhancement is also available.

Release of Phase 2

On 06-Feb-2015, the "Batch Mode" version of this enhancement was released via patch 20427746.  This patch introduces an entirely new concurrent process: "Payables Upgrade SLA Distributions for Historical Referenced Transactions". This process should be run in tandem with the "Create Accounting" program. It can be run independently prior to running "Create Accounting", or they can be run together as a request set.

Payables Upgrade SLA Distributions for Historical Referenced Transactions Concurrent Program

The parameters of the new program are similar to those used by the "Create Accounting" process to identify unaccounted events to process.

  •  Ledger
  •  Process Category
  •  Start Date
  •  End Date
  •  Batch Size
When run, the new program will identify all of the historical upstream transactions which would affect your unaccounted events, and upgrade them on the fly as required to prevent any errors when the "Create Accounting" program subsequently runs.

The original note describing the online version of the enhancement "R12: Important Enhancement ON-THE-FLY Upgrade of Historical SLA Distributions" (Doc ID 1938253.1) has been updated to provide additional information about the batch mode version of this enhancement.

If you have any questions or comments on this new functionality please post in the dedicated Payables Community thread

Tuesday Nov 04, 2014

R12 : Important Enhancement ON-THE-FLY Upgrade of Historical SLA Distributions

In Oracle Payables, a payment has a functional dependency on invoice, i.e. the payment needs to be accounted to same liability account as the invoice has been accounted for. In such a scenario, invoice is referred to as the upstream transaction and the payment as the downstream transaction.

In a business flow prior entry application, the upstream accounting is mandatory for the downstream transaction accounting to go through. The accounting journals must be created in each ledger (primary, ALC and secondary) for all upstream transactions to have the accounting to be created in all the related ledgers of primary ledger for the downstream transaction.

Similar dependencies are there for other transactions also like Invoice Cancellation, Prepayment Application, Payment Cancellation, Payment unclearing etc.

Business flow failures generally have the error:

  • Error 0 : This line cannot be accounted until the accounting event for the application Payables that it references has been fully accounted.

Old Method:

In order to resolve this situation, users needs to identify and account all upstream transactions before accounting the downstream transactions.  This was more complex for transactions that referenced one or more 11i transactions as the upstream transaction and in some cases it was mandatory to have Hot Patch applied or SLA: Upgrade Historical Subledger Transaction Accounting Program ran to cover the period related to the upstream transaction.  This was required even for accounting a single downstream transaction.

New Method:

With the exciting enhancement delivered via Patch 19568225, downstream transactions failing business flow for an upgraded upstream transaction can be successfully accounted using ON-LINE accounting of the downstream transaction.

With on-the-fly upgrade, a new profile option SLA: On-the-fly Upgrade of Historical Subledger Accounting Distributions is introduced which when set to Yes will cause a dedicated procedure to identify the few upstream transactions missing XDL and populate them on the fly, prior to accounting the downstream transaction, and this is transparent to the user. Thus the volume of transactions which "require" upgrade is reduced from a huge number (across multiple years and applications) to just a few upstream transactions which are related to the current downstream transaction.

Key benefits of this enhancement:

  • Prior to the enhancement, even if there is a single upstream transaction in payables which is missing distribution links, users would be required to apply the hot patch for the entire non-upgraded date range, till the period containing the upstream transaction. e.g. consider the earliest upgraded period is JAN-14. If user pays an upgraded invoice from 11i which has a GL date as JAN-2000, then when using hot patch or the On-Demand distribution links upgrade users would need to upgrade the transactions for around 13 years of invoices and payment both. Hence, accounting a single transaction required upgrade for all of the transactions for over 13 years, which due to data volume and complexities of upgrade be very time consuming.

  • Also, hot patch required that all the data be upgraded for 'all' applications (not just payables), which adds to the time and complexity of upgrade.

  • Also, even if there is a single transaction in the overall time duration which when upgraded (to create XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS records for the upstream transactions) which would cause the Hot patch or On Demand XDL upgrade to error out (XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS_U1 violation), the entire concurrent process would fail. Scanning the entire time duration for corruptions causing failure in XDL population, fixing the same, and restarting the upgrade is often complicated and requires development intervention over bugs, which causes delays with accounting the downstream transactions. 

Please review R12: Important Enhancement ON-THE-FLY Upgrade of Historical SLA Distributions (Doc ID 1938253.1) for full details.

If you have any questions or comments on this new functionality please post in the dedicated Payables Community thread.

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014

Bring on the Ideas! Announcing a Better (and Easier) Way to Collaborate with Oracle E-Business Suite Development!

A Message from Cliff Godwin, Senior Vice President of Oracle E-Business Suite Development

Have you ever opened an Enhancement Request (ER) with Oracle and then wondered about its status?  Do you feel like your request or idea has entered into the proverbial black hole, with no real feedback about whether Oracle has looked at the ER, is considering the ER, or has already included the ER into its product offerings?  In the light of Social Media and the capabilities that exist for a community of people to share and discuss issues, ideas, and sentiments, Oracle E-Business Suite Development has decided to provide the ability to submit Ideas into the My Oracle Support Community.  The My Oracle Support Community already allows for active collaboration between you, your peers, and Oracle and now Ideas have been added in most Oracle E-Business Suite communities.  For the first time, you can have open discussion with Oracle E-Business Suite Development on key issues surrounding your business needs and impact, challenges, expectations for the applications, and improvements for critical business flows.

What this means to you:

  • You will have a direct path for submitting and sharing ideas for Enhancements to the Oracle E-Business Suite Products.
  • You can rally your peers around the ideas.
  • Openly share workarounds or alternatives to the ideas.
  • Get Insight to all Enhancements that have been submitted, along with the knowledge of their current status, votes, views, and discussions.
  • The ability to influence functionality and features you need in future releases.

In the coming months, you will begin to see Ideas added to the majority of Oracle E-Business Suite communities in My Oracle Support.  Procurement – EBS (MOSC) and others already have this capability turned on!

We hope that you will take the opportunity to utilize this feature for submitting your ideas.  Please know that any ER that has been submitted to development in the past is not lost.  Development still maintains the extensive database of ideas and enhancements.


Want to know more?

Take a look at the FAQ document Doc ID 1584210.1 for details of how the new process works.  Keep an eye on this document as it will get updated as more Communities start using Ideas.

Tuesday Jul 22, 2014

Big Changes in Submitting, Monitoring and Voting on Procurement Enhancement Requests

With our new upgrade to My Oracle Support Community, there is now an available feature that allows for the capture and display of Enhancement Requests (or Ideas) from within the existing product support communities.This has allowed for the migration of existing Enhancement Requests/Ideas from the pilot phase Procurement Enhancement Requests - EBS (MOSC) Community to the Procurement - EBS (MOSC) Community.

What does this mean?  From now on instead of submitting new Enhancement Requests in the separate Procurement Enhancement Request Community, go directly to the regular Procurement Community and choose the 'Create an Idea' link.  Existing Enhancement Requests were migrated over as well, so you can track and vote on Enhancement Requests you are interested in.

For more information on this new process see Doc ID id=1584210.1%20" target="_blank">1584210.1.

Friday May 02, 2014

Procurement Enhancement Request Community

There has been a good deal of activity in the Enhancement Request (ER) Community which is being piloted in Procurement.  Please join your peers to vote on ERs you would like to see included in the product.  For new enhancements you no longer need to log a Service Request with Procurement support. Go directly to the ER Community here, choose 'Start a discussion' and submit your request. This allows you the ability to request, track and have other users vote on your ER.  Additionally the ER Community allows an open channel between customers, Development and Product Management.  Don't miss the items under the Featured Content section to see what ERs are planned for inclusion and have been released.  Start participating in this active community today!

Thursday Oct 17, 2013

Have You Visited the New Procurement Enhancement Request Community?

Have you visited the new Procurement Enhancement Request Community yet?  If not, we strongly encourage you to visit this site to vote on current Enhancement Requests (ERs) available through the ‘Quick Preview of Voting List’.  You can also vote on any ER currently displayed.  Have an ER that is not listed?  Simply add it by creating a thread stating the ER and any detailed information you would like to include.  If the ER already exists in the database, we will add the ER # to the thread so that development can provide updates around the requested ERs.

This community is your one-stop source for all Enhancement information.  It is being monitored regularly by development and soon we will be posting some updates around some of the top voted Enhancement Requests.  Know that your vote counts!  By voting, you will bring forward those ERs that impact the Procurement Suite's value and usability.  Is your request industry specific?  Let us know by posting this information in the body of the thread.  We have a team monitoring these ERs and will be happy to highlight industry specific ERs to ensure they also get equal visibility!

Coming Soon:  A list of the Top implemented ERs!  Development has been working hard to make improvements to the Procurement Suite of Products and they want you to know about them!  Until then, check out the Best Practices Section for some key ERs and how they can help your company secure the most value from your implementation!!

What you need to know:

  • The Procurement Enhancement Requests Community is your 1-stop shop for the latest information on Enhancements!
  • The Community allows you to vote on ERs bringing visibility to the collective audience interest in value and usability recommendations.
  • Your place to submit any new enhancement requests.
  • Get the latest on top Procurement Enhancement Requests (ERs) - know when an improvement is PLANNED, COMING SOON, and DELIVERED.
  • This Community is owned and managed by the Oracle Procurement Development team!

Let your voice be heard by telling us what you want to see implemented in the Procurement Suite.

Friday Sep 27, 2013

New Procurement Enhancement Community Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Procurement Enhancement Request Community!

This Community has been launched as a new channel to capture and track Enhancement Requests (ERs) for the Oracle Procurement suite of products. ERs captured in the community will be available for collaboration, discussion, and voting in order to highlight those which are most meaningful and impact product value and usability.   Not only can you easily vote for the ERs you want to see adopted but you can also log, track and discuss each ER.  Click on the ‘Quick Preview of Voting List’ and vote by using the thumb icon.  Let your voice be heard by telling us what you want to see implemented in the Procurement Suite.

We really want to hear from you, visit the Procurement ER Community today!


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