Friday Aug 10, 2012

EBS – ATG Webcast in September 2012

EBS – Multiple Language Support (MLS)

Agenda :

ñ EBS is MLS Ready

ñ NLS / MLS Basic Architecture

ñ NLS / MLS Installation

ñ NLS / MLS Configuration Settings

ñ Troubleshooting

ñ Question and Answers

EMEA Session : September 11, 2012

at 09:00 UK / 10:00 CET / 13:30 India / 17:00 Japan / 18:00 Sydney (Australia)

ñ Details & Registration : Note 1480084.1

ñ Direct link to register in WebEx

US Session : September 12, 2012

at 18:00 UK / 19:00 CET / 10:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Mountain/ 01:00 PM Eastern

ñ Details & Registration : Note 1480085.1

ñ Direct link to register in WebEx

ñ Schedules, recordings and the Presentations of the Advisor Webcast drove under the EBS Applications Technology area can be found in Note 1186338.1.

ñ Current Schedules of Advisor Webcast for all Oracle Products can be found on Note 740966.1

ñ Post Presentation Recordings of the Advisor Webcasts for all Oracle Products can be found on Note 740964.1

If you have any question about the schedules or if you have a suggestion for an Advisor Webcast to be planned in future, please send an E-Mail to Ruediger Ziegler.

EBS – Technology Stack NAVIGATION Page

We have published a new E-Business Suite – Technology Stack Navigation Page – see Note 1480550.1.

This page has been created to make an easy navigation for documents of the EBS Technology Stack available. It is an interactive navigation page, so that you are selecting the area on the page you are looking for documents and as you are moving your mouse the available areas in the pictures are highlighted and a small pop-up window is coming up to present you the available links. You can select the link via the pop-up window or just by clicking into the highlighted area – and a new window with the link is opened.

We are very interested in your feedback ! So please use the “Feedback” link and let us know your thoughts and your recommendations for Enhancements.

Thursday Aug 09, 2012

Keep Your System Healthy!

Look at the new Critical Patch Update (CPU) knowledge document 1459818.1 –

The Critical Patch Update Advisory is the starting point for relevant information. It includes a list of products affected, pointers to obtain the patches, a summary of the security vulnerabilities, and links to other important documents.

The next four Critical Patch Update release dates are:

§ October 16, 2012

§ January 15, 2013

§ April 16, 2013

§ July 16, 2013

Friday Jul 27, 2012

Upcoming Webcast: E-Business Suite: Get Proactive!

August 15, 2012 at 11 am ET, 9 am MT, 8 am PT

Where do you go to solve technical problems? Better yet, where do you find out how to prevent them? Oracle Premier Support's proactive capability portfolio can help E-Business Suite Support customers prevent, resolve and upgrade.

• Prevent is all about staying healthy, detecting and solving issues before they have an impact on your software and systems

• Resolve is about detection capabilities and diagnostic tools to help you implement the right corrective actions

• Upgrade is about doing it right the very first time, ultimately creating a streamlined, reliable, and repeatable process

Join thousands of Oracle customers who are already taking advantage of proactive support.

This one-hour session is recommended for technical and functional users who want to prevent E-Business Suite application issues from happening in their software, resolve issues quickly when they do occur and when the need arises for an upgrade, doing it right the first time.

Let us help you solve problems without having to log an SR; streamline and simplify your daily operations; reduce risks and maximize up-time and lower your organizations costs through preventative maintenance. How? By Getting Proactive!

A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

Current Schedule can be found on Note 740966.1

Post Presentation Recordings can be found on Note 740964.1

1. To register for this meeting:

2. Once the host approves your request, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.

Wednesday Jul 18, 2012

Webcast: July 25: Manufacturing Material Move Orders Flow


July 25, 2012 at 1 pm ET, 12 pm CT, 11 am MT, 10 am PT

This one hour session is recommended for technical and functional users who make decisions and support available functionality in the Inventory module/Move Orders. We will cover several types of Move Order processing and review the tables involved in the flow.

  • Overall processing of Move Orders
    • Tables involved in the Process
    • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

Current Schedule can be found on Note 740966.1
Post Presentation Recordings can be found on Note 740964.1

July 25: Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) Rollback Functionality Session 1

PRODUCT FAMILY: EBS Payroll Community

July 25, 2012 at 10 am ET, 8 am MT, 7 am PT, 7:30 pm IST, 4 pm Egypt

This one-hour session is for techinical and functional users who are interested in the new functionality introduced in 12.1.5 OTL which is providing a way to rollback records from BEE back to Timecard(s) in two different ways, Timecard Rollback and a Batch Rollback.

  • Rollback Non-OTLR Timecard
  • Rollback OTLR Timecard
  • Rollback BEE Batch
  • Rollback BEE Batch (Retro)

A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

Current Schedule can be found on Note 740966.1
Post Presentation Recordings can be found on Note 740964.1

Thursday Jul 05, 2012

New MyOracleSupport (MOS)Interface Coming 13 July 2012

On July 13, 2012, we plan to upgrade the My Oracle Support HTML-based user interface (UI) with additional functionality that will allow those users remaining on the Flash-based user interface to switch over to the HTML version.

Our goal is to provide a single-online support portal so that all My Oracle Support users can benefit from the same features and functionality.

Prior to July 13, 2012, users of Oracle On Demand, Oracle CRM On Demand, Taleo, and Oracle Configuration Manager should continue accessing the My Oracle Support Flash-based user interface. After July 13, 2012, the above features and functionality to support these users will be available on the HTML interface. All other users of My Oracle Support can make the switch now. Benefits of using the HTML-based user interface include:

  • Streamlined, three-step process for initiating new Service Requests (SRs)
  • Single, consistent workflow for both hardware and software incidents
  • Enhanced personalization and filtering within the user interface
  • New accessibility features (enabling screen readers, large fonts, etc.)

Additionally, please note Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) will no longer be supported.

For further information, please check Doc ID 1385682.1

Monday Jul 02, 2012

Look at the Get Proactive Upgrade details for the E-Business Suite?

Are you Upgrading?

Look at the Get Proactive Upgrade details for the E-Business Suite?

Review the Get Proactive with Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade section below:

Monday Jun 25, 2012

Having a Proactive Patch Plan is the way to Go!


Make Patching Easy!

Having a Patching Strategy for your E-Business Suite system is a great way to manage your system downtime, identify the proper resources needed to perform the necessary task and familiarizing yourself with the Patching Tools in EBS.

Having a Proactive Patch Plan is the way to Go!

Proactive Patching is a preventive measure allowing you to have a complete patching strategy when applying patches periodically. Oracle provides several tools to help you get started to set the foundation for a solid and proactive patching strategy in Note 313.1 - "Patching & Maintenance Advisor: E-Business Suite 11i and R12". It details all the steps and tooling available for the patching strategy along with the benefits. Among other things it covers the following:

  • How to plan ahead for system downtime
  • Patching Tools in E-Business Suite (Autopatch, OUI, OPatch)
  • How to Identify Patches (RUPs, EBS Family Packs, Critical Patch Updates, etc)
  • How to properly test your patching plan and move to Production

Make sure you visit the New E-Business Patching Community!

We encourage you to access the "E-Business Patching Community" prior to applying an E-Business Suite patch. Doing so will allow you to explore perspectives shared by industry peers, get real-world experiences with the patch, and benefit from known solutions and lessons learned. Additionally, Oracle Support engineers monitor discussion topics to help provide guidance and solutions for your E-Business Suite patching needs.

This is a valuable opportunity to "Get Proactive" with the patching and maintenance of your E-Business Suite environment. Start now, and find fast, proactive resolutions before you begin.

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Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Upcoming EBS Webcasts for June, July, August 2012

See the following upcoming webcasts for June, July and August 2012.

  • Flag Doc ID 740966.1 as a favourite, to keep up to date with latest advisor schedule.
  • Additionally, see Doc ID 740964.1 for access to all archived advisor webcasts
Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle E-Business Suite
None at this time.
EBS Agile
None at this time.
EBS Applications Technologies Group (ATG)
EBS – OAM Tuning and Monitoring EMEA July 10, 2012
EBS – OAM Tuning and Monitoring US July 11, 2012
Workflow Analyzer Followup EMEA July 24, 2012
Workflow Analyzer Followup US July 25, 2012
EBS CRM & Industries
None at this time.
EBS Financials
EBS Fixed Assets: Achieve Success Using Proactive Tools For Fixed Assets Support July 10, 2012
Overview and Flow of Oracle Project Resource Management July 17, 2012
Leveraging My Oracle Support To Increase Knowledge July 30, 2012
Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) Rollback Functionality Session 1 July 25, 2012
Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) Rollback Functionality Session 2 July 25, 2012
EBS Manufacturing
Using Personalization in Oracle eAM June 21, 2012
OM Guided Resolutions - Finding Known Resolutions Easily July 17, 2012
Material Move Orders Flow July 25, 2012
Diagnosing Signal 11 Issues In ASCP Planning August 9, 2012
Interface Trip Stop - Best Practices and Debugging August 21, 2012
EBS Procurement
Punchout in iProcurement June 26, 2012

Update to Alert on Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for EBS end-users on Windows

To ensure that Java users remain on a secure version, Windows systems that rely on auto-update will be auto-updated from JRE 6 to JRE 7.

Until E-Business Suite is certified with JRE 7, EBS users should not rely on the Windows auto-update mechanism for their client machines and should manually keep the JRE up to date with the latest version of JRE 6 until further notice.

Click here for more details and for instructions on how to get the latest version of JRE 6

Thursday May 31, 2012

100% Product Coverage in EBS CRM Communities

Starting June 1st we are now providing 100% coverage for the entire Oracle CRM product line! To facilitate this growth we have made the following changes:

  • Quoting, Telesales, Mobile Field Service and Lease and Finance Management have all been decommissioned and their content moved to their respective communities.
  • Quoting and Telesales are now covered in the newly renamed Sales, Marketing & Common Apps community.
  • Mobile Field Service is now covered in the Field Service Product Family community which used to be called Depot Repair. Lease and Finance Management is now under Contracts.

The CRM Communities are an excellent channel for collaborating on issues that are not highly time sensitive or complex. Check with Oracle experts and Industry Peers as they can provide a clue or a nudge toward an answer or a confirmation on a workaround. Some of the best and brightest will be there to assist you.
Check the News & Announcement regions for an updated list of covered products. Here are links to the current CRM communities.


Install Base

Contracts and Lease Management 


Field Service Product Family

Sales, Marketing & Common Apps

Trade Management

Sales Compensation

Wednesday May 16, 2012

Quarterly E-Business Suite Upgrade Recommendations

A summary from Steven Chan and the Oracle E-Business Technology Blog on the latest upgrade recommendations for E-Business Suite updates and technology stack components.  These quarterly recommendations are based upon the latest updates to Oracle's product strategies, support deadlines, and newly-certified releases.

Read more:

Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

New and Noteworthy Fixed Assets Notes

  • A new white paper for Integrating Oracle Inventory Transactions Into Oracle Projects To Generate Asset Lines & Interface Assets To Fixed Assets (Doc ID 1392743.1)

  • A listing of available Oracle E-Business Fixed Assets Diagnostics (Doc ID 1362875.1)

  • Information on the knowledge management enhancements made in My Oracle Support Knowledge Management Version 6.0 Release (Doc ID 1393516.1)

  • The new Period Close Advisor for the Release 12 E-Business Suite (Doc ID 335.1).  What is the Period Close Advisor?  The Period Close Advisor provides guidance on recommended period end procedures for E-Business Release 12.x.  It is intended to be generic and does not relate to a specific organization or industry.  Step by step best practices with tips and troubleshooting references are provided to assist you through each phase.  The EBS R12 Period Close Advisor for Assets data can also be found in a standalone note (Doc ID 1359475.1)

EBS: How To Install Oracle Diagnostics

Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack is available as a patch and can be applied using adpatch. Installation is easy. Just follow the steps in Doc ID 167000.1, eBusiness Suite Support - Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack Installation Guide

For information on how to run the Diagnostics from a menu within the Oracle Applications, please refer to Doc ID 358831.1, Diagnostics Responsibility Configuration.

Please review the following Diagnostic catalogs for your release level and take advantage of using the Diagnostic scripts available. By using these diagnostics, you can avoid problems, troubleshoot issues and reduce time to resolution when logging a Service Request.

E-Business Suite Diagnostics for:


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