Tuesday Sep 08, 2015

Webcast: Solving Issues Using Work In Process (WIP) Job Diagnostics

Webcast_icon.jpgWebcast: Solving Issues Using Work In Process (WIP) Job Diagnostics

Date: September 16th, 2015 at 11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT, 9:00 am MT, 8:00 am PT, 5:00 pm CET, 8:30pm IST

This one-hour advisor webcast is recommended for technical users and functional users who use E-Business Logistics, Inventory, and Work In Process. The presentation will provide a summary of various diagnostics available focusing on the WIP Job Diagnostic and related wipjob11i.sql. The presenters will walk through the differences between the various diagnostics and deciding which is the best for you to use. Key differences between the diagnostics will be provided then presenters will apply the diagnostics to demonstrate using them to resolve issues. References will be made to the WipJob11i.sql Doc ID 316142.1 and the Work Order Tests Doc ID 732341.1.

Topics will include:

  • Review of the various WIP diagnostics
  • Key differences between WIP diagnostics
  • Demonstration using WIP diagnostics
  • Using WIP diagnostics to solve issues

Details & Registration: Doc ID 1290983.1

Tuesday Dec 30, 2014

Advanced Global Intercompany System Setup Diagnostic Available!

E-Business Suite Diagnostics are free tools intended to help troubleshoot problems reported by the users or proactively detect setup issues, maintaining a healthy environment. As a result, they provide an easy-to-read document revealing existing setup definition and, where possible, setup changes suggestions or problems spotted during the diagnostic run.

Most probably you are already using our existing diagnostics presented in this Catalogue?

Oracle General Ledger (GL) Diagnostics Catalog and Scripts Collection (Doc ID 1416402.1

Diagnostics for GL

Did you notice we do not have an Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) Diagnostic available? 

We knew it!

An AGIS diagnostic was prepared on your request - share it with your users now!  

Agis diagnostics sample

Oracle Financials Common Modules (FUN): Advanced Global Intercompany System(AGIS) Setup Diagnostic (Doc ID 1939150.1

Just Check it Now! 

Wednesday Jun 18, 2014

What R12 Diagnostics are Available for Inventory?

Imagine a scenario...Inventory period close is fast approaching and you conduct your regular run of the Inventory Analyzer Doc ID 1499475.1 to check the health of your Inventory transactions. The Inventory Analyzer does it's job and identifies records existing with data issues. You're at the point where the Inventory Analyzer has given you a lot of valuable information, including solutions to resolve issues, however you decide you want more detailed information about the transaction records before moving forward. You would like to look specifically at the transactions open interface and pending transactions areas and get more detailed information, including what inventory items are associated with the transactions. You wonder what additional tools are available to collect the information you're looking for? One fantastic resource is the Diagnostics Test Catalog for 12.1.3 and Above Doc ID 1083807.1. The R12 diagnostics catalog allows you to collect detailed information for many areas of your Inventory  environment (as well as many other areas of most EBS Products and R12.2). Access Doc ID 1083807.1, click on the 'Oracle Inventory Management' link, and view the Oracle Inventory Management (INV) diagnostics available in the diagnostics catalog.

Once you've scrolled down, like in the example above, you can take advantage of the Inventory Transactions diagnostics, as well as any of the other diagnostics available for Inventory (and there are many). Keep in mind that the diagnostic catalog should already be part of your EBS environment, but if it is not, the catalog can be added via Doc ID 167000.1 E-Business Suite Diagnostics Installation Guide.

So, be sure to use Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics as an additional tool to help troubleshoot problems or issues to proactively help resolve situations in your environment, especially before period close.

Friday Mar 07, 2014

Three New Order Management Diagnostic Tests

Three new Order Management Diagnostic Tests available for 12.1.1+ via Patch 18013753 (Please visit E-Business Patching (MOSC) to request the initial password to download).

The Apps Check Diagnostic is now available via the Oracle Diagnostic Framework.  This is the same as what is executed from the Concurrent Program.  Executing the Diagnostic Test via the Diagnostic Framework 'Applications Diagnostics > Diagnose' offers a user friendly execution experience and HTML output that is validated and can be directly uploaded to a Service Request.  Please see Doc ID 1631911.1 for details.

Duplicate Lines From OE Drop Ship Sources, is new to the Diagnostic Framework.  This Diagnostic Test selects all duplicate lines from OE Drop Ship sources table.  Please see Doc ID 1632022.1 for details.

RMA Lines Stuck At Awaiting Return Or Disposition, is new to the Diagnostic Framework.  This Diagnostic Test selects all the RMA lines that are stuck at Awaiting Return or Awaiting Return Disposition status, even after the order lines had been fully received and fully or partially delivered.  Please see Doc ID 1632024.1 for details.

Monday Feb 10, 2014

New Form to Identify Unexpected Tax Errors For Transactions and Ability To Rectify Through Concurrent Program!

Development have created a new form that will allow users with Unexpected Tax Errors to be able to run, via the familiar user interface, a diagnostic to determine the problem.  

This new functionality, which converts data detection and data fix scripts into packaged procedures, is made available with the application of patch 18108467:R12.ZX.B

The new form contains access to the following diagnostic programs:

• Transaction Tax Data Diagnostic
• Populate Legal Establishment
• Synchronize Summarization Column Values
• Rectify Tax Distributions
• Populate Regime to Rate Details
• Populate Recovery Rate Details
• Remove Orphan Tax Lines
• Remove Orphan Transaction Lines
• Create Missing Transaction Lines
• Create Missing Tax Distributions for Purchase Orders
• Update Configuration Owner
• Upgrade Missing Transaction Tax Data
• Set Migrated Tax Lines as Overridden
• Synchronize Migrated Tax Distributions Amounts
• Synchronize Tax Repository

Users can run the diagnostic detection process for a specific date range or for a specific transaction and they can run in either in "Analyze" or "Analyze and Fix" Mode.

The output can be viewed as a concurrent request output file and will make it much easier for end users to quickly run diagnostics on their erroneous tax transactions.

Note: It is recommended that you first run "Analyze" Mode and check the Data and then run in "Analyze and Fix" mode to rectify the issue.

All R12.1 customers should use this form when facing 'Unexpected Tax Errors' and submit all the data detection diagnostics on the transaction data.  The output can then be reviewed to determine recommendations and steps to resolve.

For full details please review the following My Oracle Support document:

R12.1.X: Tax Diagnostic Framework (Doc ID 1621617.1)

Friday Jan 17, 2014

Introducing OTL Analyzer

Oracle Time & Labor Product Support is announcing the new Proactive Diagnostics Script: "OTL Analyzer" that will considerably save the time taken for supporting your issues, and will proactively help you enhance your OTL setup! 

This script will include many helpful sections including what current OTL_Diag.sql script has been providing in addition to new sections that fully scans your OTL Setup, and proactively provide colorful reminders/comments/warnings/errors about areas that might cause potential problems in your output. This script will be helpful for both customers and support.

The analyzer will replace the current diagnostics OTL_Diag script that is being used by both the OTL Customers and Support. The following notes can be used to refer to the new OTL Analyzer for setup and running steps information:

  • OTL (Oracle Time and Labor) Analyzer Script (Doc ID 1580490.1)
  • How to run OTL Analyzer as a Concurrent Request (Doc ID 1589250.1)
  • OTL Analyzer Tool FAQ (Doc ID 1596937.1)

 This Analyzer / Health Check / Data Collection tool is a PL*Sql script which will check the E-Business Suite environment, and can be executed on all currently released / supported application versions  (i.e., 12.0, 12.1, and 12.2).   As the process executes, it will output diagnostics advice and proactive recommendations within an .html output file.

When reviewing the analyzer output, you can immediately see where issues are identified as they are displayed in red (errors), orange (warnings) or blue (best practices), so that they can be easily seen.  In addition to identifying areas of concerns, the analyzer will also identify My Oracle Support (MOS) articles which can be utilized to resolve the issue.

The following parameters are entered when executing the script and determine the tabs displayed in the output. When the Analyzer is executed, an environment review is performed and feedback provided on:

  • OTL technical information (version, patching, performance, database objects)
  • OTL setup analyzer
  • Employee Preferences
  • Specific timecard data:
  • HXC (Self Service, Timekeeper, API) Timecard Data
  • HXT (OTLR/PUI) Timecard Data
  • Batch information

For Release 12 it is recommended that this script be setup as a concurrent request so that it may be executed by either Functional or Technical representatives from your business.

We have made it easy for customers and provided some ready and safely loaded on Production LDT files to implement all the necessary setup steps.

Download the OTL Analyzer Script (Doc ID 1580490.1) today and provide us your feedback!

Monday Apr 29, 2013

New! Purchasing R12: PO Approval Analyzer Diagnostic Script

We are pleased to announce the release of the Purchasing ‘PO Analyzer’ diagnostic that can be used proactively to check a group of purchasing documents or reactively if you have problems on specific ones.  The PO Analyzer script can be run on one specific document that perhaps is stuck in an ‘in process’ or ‘pre-approved’ status where more information is needed, or it can be run for all documents within a specific date range.  It’s non-invasive (no update or delete statements are used) so it can be run it in a Production environment.

The images below show sample output from the script - the contents section and a detail report section:

PO Analyzer Report Output

PO Analyzer Sample Output

For download and steps to run the PO Analyzer see Doc ID 1525670.1.

We are also providing a Webcast on the Analyzer on May 28th.

Sign up now at Doc ID 1456150.1 .

Monday Mar 11, 2013

Do You Dread Accrual Reconciliation in Procurement?

Do you dread accrual reconciliation in Procurement?  The Accrual Diagnostics script is here to help!  Designed to be run when there is a reconciliation issue between subledger and GL, the Accrual Diagnostics script will spool full table contents to an html file.  Get all the data you need in one shot to analyze your problems with reconciling between the Subledger and GL.  Note the user friendly report output:

Accrual Diagnostic example output

Once you review the data if you still need help, you can provide the report output to Oracle Support to help expedite resolution. 

Visit Doc ID 1478292.1.1 now!

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

Autoinvoice has a New Proactive Tool: AutoInvoice Post-Process Validation Report

The Proactive Services Delivery Accounts Receivables team is pleased to announce the availability of the New AutoInvoice Post-Process Validation Report.

This new report lists down all the Interface Line Records that resulted in Validation Errors and provides insight into the cause of the issue and recommendations to fix it, along with links to Knowledge Articles applicable.

The report can perform many additional validations, such as checking for the System Options and Profile Options setup for optimal performance, listing of orphan Interface Salescredits/ Distributions/ Errors tables and more.

Start resolving your AutoInvoice issues today! Read more on this proactive tool in:
  • Doc ID 1523525.1: AutoInvoice Post-Processor Validation Report: Overview and Installation Instructions
  • Doc ID 1524708.1: How to register the AutoInvoice Post-Process Validation Report as a Concurrent Program

Wednesday Dec 19, 2012

Install Base Transaction Error Troubleshooting

Oracle Installed Base is an item instance life cycle tracking application that facilitates enterprise-wide life cycle item management and tracking capability.

In a typical process flow a sales order is created and shipped, this updates Inventory and creates a new item instance in Install Base (IB).  The Inventory update results in a record being placed in the SFM Event Queue.  If the record is successfully processed the IB tables are updated, if there is an error the record is placed in the csi_txn_errors table and the error needs to be resolved so that the IB instance can be created.

It's extremely important to be proactive and monitor IB Transaction Errors regularly.  Errors cascade and can build up exponentially if not resolved. Due to this cascade effect, error records need to be considered as a whole and not individually; the root cause of any error needs to be resolved first and this may result in the subsequent errors resolving themselves.

Install Base Transaction Error Diagnostic Program

In the past the IBtxnerr.sql script was used to diagnose transaction errors, this is now replaced by an enhanced concurrent program version of the script. See the following note for details of how to download, install and run the concurrent program as well as details of how to interpret the results:

Doc ID 1501025.1 - Install Base Transaction Error Diagnostic Program 

The program provides comprehensive information about the errors found as well as links to known knowledge articles which can help to resolve the specific error.


Watch the replay of the 'EBS CRM: 11i and R12 Transaction Error Troubleshooting - an Overview' webcast or download the presentation PDF (go to Doc ID 1455786.1 and click on 'Archived 2011' tab).  The webcast and PDF include more information, including SQL statements that you can use to identify errors and their sources as well as recommended setup and troubleshooting tips.

Refer to these notes for comprehensive information:

  • Doc ID 1275326.1: E-Business Oracle Install Base Product Information Center
  • Doc ID 1289858.1: Install Base Transaction Errors Master Repository
  • Doc ID: 577978.1: Troubleshooting Install Base Errors in the Transaction Errors Processing Form

 Don't forget your Install Base Community where you can ask questions to help you resolve your IB transaction errors.

Wednesday Nov 21, 2012

Payables Master Generic Datafix (MGD) Now Includes Even More Data Integrity Checks For EBTax!!

The Payables MGD is a vital diagnostic that all R12/12.1 customers need to run regularly to check the data integrity of their Payables system. This script does not make any changes to your system, so it’s risk free and it produces a HTML formatted output showing which data corruption issues have been detected and provides the Doc ID’s that will be needed to fix them.

This MGD diagnostic (version 120.92 and above) is even better than it used to be as it now checks for 11 new EBTax corruption signatures that Support was seeing on a consistent basis. These lengthy Service Requests could have been avoided with one run of the MGD which tells you right away if you have data corruption. It’s the first thing our Payables support engineers will have you run when you log an SR so why not be one step ahead?

The new EBTax signatures that were included in this latest update to the MGD are pulled from the following common solutions documents:

R12 E-Business Tax/Payables Data-Fixes: Cause and action to handle ZX_LINES_SUMMARY_U1 issue Doc ID 1152123.1
EB-Tax Data Corruption Issues & Recommended Solutions Doc ID 1316316.1

The specific issues that are now screened are detailed below:

3. TRX_NUMBER mismatch
4. TAX_RATE mismatch
5. Currency Conversion related columns mismatch in Migrated Invoices
8. Missing Reversal Tax Distributions For Tax Distributions
9. Tax Lines for discarded or cancelled Transaction Lines are not marked as cancelled
11. AP_UNFROZEN_DIST_EXIST/Unfrozen Tax Distributions exist for this invoice

Get Proactive – Check your system for these common EBTax issues and fix the data before it causes a problem.

Access the MGD note and watch the video that explains how it works here - R12: Master GDF Diagnostic to Validate Data Related to Invoices, Payments, Accounting, Suppliers and EBTax [VIDEO] Doc ID 1360390.1

Monday May 07, 2012

May 8 Webcast: Cost Management Diagnostics

PRODUCT FAMILY: Cost Management

May 8, 2012 at 11 am ET, 9 am MT, 8 am PT

This one-hour advisor webcast is recommended for Functional Users, System Administrators, and Customers interested in learning how to run Cost Management diagnostics using the application. If you have ever encountered uncosted or pending transactions, you won't want to miss this live advisor webcast.

  • Overview: Reasons For Usage, Basic Characteristics, and Installation
  • Understand the accounting entries generated for different setups in Intercompany Accounting
  • List of Costing Diagnostics
  • Pending/Uncosted Txn Diagnostics
  • How to run diagnostics
  • How to read the diagnostic output
  • How to gather, analyze, diagnose data, and find error code and error messages
  • How to troubleshoot error transactions

A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

Current Schedule can be found on Note 740966.1

Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

EBS: How To Install Oracle Diagnostics

Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack is available as a patch and can be applied using adpatch. Installation is easy. Just follow the steps in Doc ID 167000.1, eBusiness Suite Support - Oracle Diagnostics Support Pack Installation Guide

For information on how to run the Diagnostics from a menu within the Oracle Applications, please refer to Doc ID 358831.1, Diagnostics Responsibility Configuration.

Please review the following Diagnostic catalogs for your release level and take advantage of using the Diagnostic scripts available. By using these diagnostics, you can avoid problems, troubleshoot issues and reduce time to resolution when logging a Service Request.

E-Business Suite Diagnostics for:


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