Monday Jan 11, 2016

Budgetary Control Setup and Funds Inquiry Diagnostic Available!

General Ledger incorporated many features and tools to create, maintain and track budgets, supporting also a variety of budgeting methods that facilitate specific reporting. Planning and implementing budgeting setup according to the business requirements need to be done very carefully; mapping such business needs on the available features may sometimes require more dedicated time and multiple setup reviews until completion.

Incorrect setup for budgeting may lead to: 

  • overspending budgets
  • overstated funds available which may determine incorrect business decisions
  • incorrect reporting on funds
  • bad accruals created in the system

Finding the setup cause for such undesired consequences was many times difficult even for the most experienced users. It just got Simple!

A new General Ledger Budgetary Control Setup and Funds Inquiry Diagnostic is now available to centralize setups and availability of funds!

Budget Diagnostic Sample

What's available inside?

  • budget and organization setup
  • budget organization account ranges
  • summary templates setup and associated summary accounts
  • detail code combinations associated to summary accounts
  • budgetary control group setup
  • funds inquiry/availability
  • calendar definition for the year

This will definitely save some time, download it now!

R12: General Ledger Budgetary Control Setup and Funds Availability/Inquiry Diagnostic (Doc ID 2079451.1)

comes just in time for new year budgeting setup and changes overview!

Wednesday Nov 04, 2015

Checkout the Brand New Consignment Analyzer!

The Inventory Social Media Team is proud to announce the release of the 'EBS Inventory Consignment Analyzer'. The EBS Conignment Analyzer is the first tool offered by Oracle Inventory Support to deal specifically with Inventory Consignment issues. Check out note - EBS Inventory Consignment Analyzer (Doc ID 2048039.1).

Use the EBS Inventory Consignment Analyzer to review Inventory consignment related set-up, consignment proactive recommendations, consignment processing, and to help diagnose known consignment issues.

The EBS Inventory Consignment Analyzer is an all-in-one tool to help get ahead of known issues, or just to maintain your consignment health. If you use the Consignment functionality, the EBS Consignment Analyzer will be an indispensable tool to help manage your Inventory. By the way, don't forget to give us Feedback (at the bottom of Doc ID 2048039.1) on the analyzer, and let us know what you like and where you would like to see enhancements

Tuesday Dec 30, 2014

Advanced Global Intercompany System Setup Diagnostic Available!

E-Business Suite Diagnostics are free tools intended to help troubleshoot problems reported by the users or proactively detect setup issues, maintaining a healthy environment. As a result, they provide an easy-to-read document revealing existing setup definition and, where possible, setup changes suggestions or problems spotted during the diagnostic run.

Most probably you are already using our existing diagnostics presented in this Catalogue?

Oracle General Ledger (GL) Diagnostics Catalog and Scripts Collection (Doc ID 1416402.1

Diagnostics for GL

Did you notice we do not have an Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) Diagnostic available? 

We knew it!

An AGIS diagnostic was prepared on your request - share it with your users now!  

Agis diagnostics sample

Oracle Financials Common Modules (FUN): Advanced Global Intercompany System(AGIS) Setup Diagnostic (Doc ID 1939150.1

Just Check it Now! 

Wednesday Oct 22, 2014

ORAchk adds Order Management and Process Manufacturing

ORAchk release is now available for download from document: ORAchk - Health Checks for the Oracle Stack (Doc ID 1268927.2).  This latest version brings over 70 new eBusiness Suite checks.

ORAchk support for eBusiness Suite has been enriched and broadened, with even more checks for Oracle Payables (R12) and Oracle Workflow and now with release introduces new support for Oracle Order Management (R12) and Oracle Process Manufacturing (R12).

For more details and to download the latest release of ORAchk see Doc ID 1268927.2.

Monday Jun 23, 2014

General Ledger - Accounting Setups Diagnostic Now Available!

Accounting Setup Manager is the central place where all accounting setup is defined and maintained. Collecting information related to your ledger and its configuration could be time-consuming while the ledger architecture is much more complex in Release 12 and multiple pages need to be accessed in order to gather a complete set of details. 

Collect all this setup information in one diagnostic run! Find information related to: 

  • Primary Ledger and its associated ledgers 
  • Legal Entities
  • Configuration details
  • Ledgers relationships
  • Balancing segments assignments
  • Intercompany and Intracompany rules
  • Relevant table data and files version
Sample Diagnostic Output

Tired of running too many scripts, browse through many setup pages and take screenshots to prove your ledger's configuration?

Get it all at once with a single Sql run!

New Diagnostic tool available in: R12: Accounting Setup Manager (ASM) Diagnostic (Doc ID 1643493.1)

Wednesday May 28, 2014

Process Manufacturing (OPM) Actual Costing Analyzer Diagnostic Script

The OPM Actual Costing Analyzer is a script which you can use proactively at any time to review Setups and pieces of data which are known to affect either the performance or the accuracy of either the OPM Actual Cost process, or Lot Costing.

Each topic reviewed by this report has been specifically selected because it points to the solution used to resolve at least two Service Requests during a recent 3-month period.

You can download this script from Doc ID 1629384.1, OPM Actual Costing Analyzer Diagnostic Script.

Tuesday May 27, 2014

DCOGS Balance Breakup Diagnostic in OPM Financials

Purpose of this diagnostic (OPMDCOGSDiag.sql) is to identify the sales orders which constitute the Deferred COGS account balance.

This will help to get the detailed transaction information for Sales Order/s Order Management, Account Receivables, Inventory and OPM financials sub ledger at the Organization level.  This script is applicable for various scenarios of Standard Sales Order, Return Orders (RMA) coupled with all the applicable OPM costing methods like Standard, Actual and Lot costing. 

OBJECTIVE: The sales order(s) which are at different stages of their life cycle in one spreadsheet at one go.

To collect the information of:

  • This will help in:
    • Lesser time for data collection.
    • Faster diagnosis of the issue.
    • Easy collaboration across different modules like  Order Management, Accounts Receivables, Inventory and Cost Management.

 You can download the script from Doc ID 1617599.1 DCOGS Balance Breakup (SO/RMA) and Diagnostic Analyzer in OPM Financials.

Tuesday Mar 11, 2014

New Diagnostic for Oracle Asset Tracking

In January our blog entry 'Troubleshooting Asset Tracking Pending Transactions' we told you about a new note to help you resolve problems with Oracle Asset Tracking (OAT) pending transactions.  Now we're happy to announce a new diagnostic script which will do a lot of the hard work for you!  

The new Oracle Asset Tracking Pending Transactions Diagnostic Program collects information related to pending transactions in Install Base and also some generic information that can be useful for the investigation of the issue at hand. This program will collect and display information for a given Inventory Item ID (either serialized or non-serialized) and can help in identifying the problems with pending transactions for any IB Trackable item. 

The program output report has the following sections:

  •     Item Definition
  •     Inventory Material Transaction Details (MMT)
  •     Install Base Error Transaction Details
  •     Install Base Pending Transaction Details
  •     Instance History Details for Pending Transactions
  •     Instance-Asset Details for Pending Transactions
  •     Project Details
  •     Fixed Asset Details
  •     Install Base Parameters information
  •     Asset Location Mapping in Install Base
  •     Asset Book and Category Set up in FA
  •     CSE Profile Option Setups

The diagnostic toDoc ID 16168591.ol consists of a self-contained PL/SQL code package which will be executed as a concurrent program.

For more details on how to install and use this program, please refer to: Oracle Asset Tracking Pending Transactions Diagnostic Program (Doc ID 1616859.1).

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014

R12 Master Generic Data Fix Diagnostic for Purchase Orders and Requisitions

Do you wish you could proactively check your Purchasing documents for known data integrity issues or is there a Purchasing document you are having problems with?

Well, visit Doc ID1474734.1 for the R12 Master Generic Data Fix Diagnostic for Purchase Orders and Requisitions.  Running this one script identifies known data integrity issues within the Purchasing application (for example errors with cancel and close and unit of measure issues) where there are often generic data fixes (GDFs) already available.  The script will produce an HTML output report of all known problems relating to the purchasing transactions created in the specified date range, along with information on notes and/or data-fix patches which are already be available to resolve the data issues.

The following data checks are included:
  • Document type records with null ORG ID.
  • Synchronization issues with archive tables.
  • Quantity billed/amount billed mismatch in purchase order shipments and distributions.
  • Purchase orders with a mismatch of quantity billed or amount billed between the shipment or distribution and the invoice distribution.
  • Purchase order shipments eligible to be closed.
  • Outstanding supply/demand for non-existing or cancelled requisition lines.
  • Fully received internal requisitions continue to show as pending supply.
  • Approved requisitions not available in Autocreate form after associated purchase order is deleted.
  • Purchase orders with unit of measure (UOM) mismatch between Lines and Shipments.
  • Canceled purchase orders in Requires Reapproval status.
  • Tax exception 023 (ORA-00001: unique constraint (ZX.ZX_LINES_DET_FACTORS_U1) violated) when approving.
  • Purchase order with authorization_status = 'REQUIRES_REAPPROVAL' rather than 'REQUIRES REAPPROVAL'.
  • Foreign currency autocreated purchase orders have inverse rate.
  • Purchase order ship-to organization does not match distribution deliver-to organization.
  • Requisition distribution line associated to multiple PO distribution lines.
Don’t delay make Doc ID1474734.1 part of your routine Procurement procedures today!

Friday Dec 06, 2013

Diagnostic: HCM Technical Analyzer Now Available!

The HCM Proactive Support Delivery Team is introducing the HCM Technical Analyzer, a Health-Check script which reviews your overall HCM footprint by analyzing your current configurations and settings for your HCM environment.  The HCM Technical Analyzer is a non-invasive script which is designed to provide proactive feedback and recommendations associated with the HCM instance on which the analyzer is executed.

This Analyzer / Health Check / Data Collection tool is a PL*Sql script which will check the E-Business Suite environment and can be executed on all currently released / supported application versions  (i.e., 12.0, 12.1, and 12.2).   As the process executes, it will output diagnostics advice and proactive recommendations within an .html output file.

When reviewing the analyzer output, you can immediately see where issues are identified as they are displayed in red (errors), orange (warnings) or blue (best practices), so that they can be easily seen.  In addition to identifying areas of concern, the analyzer will also identify My Oracle Support (MOS) articles which can be utilized to resolve the issue.

The Analyzer can be executed using one of two 'Run Type' parameters: 

  • Run Type = ISSUES, which will execute the Analyzer / Health Check with the output geared to customer problem resolution. This option will display only those sections where an issue or potential issue is identified so that you the customer can proactively address them.
  • Run Type = ALL, which will execute the Analyzer as a Data Collection tool which can be used to assist an Oracle Support Engineer in resolving an issue.

 The Analyzer is designed specifically to be used with the Human Capital Management (HCM) products, which is driven by the following input parameter values:

  • BEN - Benefits
  • HR - Human Resources
  • IRC - iRecuitment
  • OTL - Oracle Time and Labor
  • PAY - Payroll
  • SSHR - Self Service Human Resources
  • ALL - All HCM products above.

When the Analyzer is executed an environment review is performed and feedback provided on: 

  • Performance related setups and checks
  • Invalid objects, disabled triggers, and database issues
  • Profile settings
  • Packages and java classes version
  • Patching status.

It is recommended that this script be setup as a concurrent request from the E-Business Suite interface so that it maybe executed by either Functional or Technical representatives from your business.

  • How to run the HCM Technical Analyzer as a Concurrent Request (Doc ID 1575663.1)

Download the HCM Technical Analyzer Script (Doc ID 1562530.1) Today, and Provide us your Feedback!


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