Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

Thirteen New Demantra Whitepapers and Sizer Announcement

Working together, Oracle Proactive Support and Demantra Product Management Organization deliver thirteen excellent whitepapers and a new sizer announcement!   These white papers touch on some difficult functional and technical areas: New Product Introduction (NPI), Business Logic Engine (BLE), Business Application Language (BAL) , modeling techniques, Application Programming Interface (API), Configure to Order (CTO) integration, plus more!   Take a look, you might find some valuable ideas.  Don't forget the Sizer Announcement at the bottom of the article!

  • Configuring an Audit Log in Demantra Using Database Triggers Doc ID 1629974.1
  • Demantra Configure to Order (CTO) Integration EBS Model BOM Example How To Doc ID 1630040.1
  • Demantra APIs to Facilitate Integration with External - Third Party Source Systems Doc ID 1630505.1
  • Demantra Indirect Modeling, Lift Decomposition, Definitions and Issues Doc ID 1630545.1
  • Demantra Indirect Customer Modeling, Customer Scenarios, Modeling Approaches Doc ID 1630604.1
  • Demantra PTP – Shipment vs. Consumption Forecasting Doc ID 1630628.1
  • Demantra Database Best Practices Doc ID 1627586.1
  • Demantra Customizations and BAL Upgrade Doc ID 1627590.1
  • Demantra New Product Introduction (NPI) - Pooled Time Series (PTS) Doc ID 1627623.1
  • Demantra Platform or Application Upgrading - Program Manager Recommendations Doc ID 1627664.1
  • Demantra How Caching can be Leveraged to Potentially Reduce Performance Doc ID 1627652.1
  • Level Member Caching Purpose Performance Guidance Doc ID 1627689.1
  • Demantra BLE Mechanism Explanation and Details Doc ID 1627716.1

Replacement of APS Sizer with Value Chain Planning Reference Sizing Tool (RAS) Doc ID 1630684.1

Thursday Feb 20, 2014

Demantra Performance and Setup Analyzer Script and Monitoring Tool

The Demantra Setup and Performance Analyzer is a Self-Service Health-Check script which reviews the overall footprint, analyzes the current configurations and settings for the environment providing feedback and recommendations on Best Practices.  This is a non-invasive script which provides recommended actions to be performed on the instance it was run on.  For production instances, always apply any changes to a recent clone to ensure an expected outcome.  

  • Immediate Analysis and Output of your Demantra Environment
    • Reveals Current Environment
    • Delivers Known Recommendations and Solutions
    • Perform Sanity Checks for Known Issues
  • Easy to add Tool for regular Maintenance
  • Execute Analysis anytime to compare current environment 
  • DBA's / System Administrator's should run the script and review the output
  • Output usually will be reviewed by technical application DBA or super user
  • This script was designed for 7.3.1 and later.

Where to Run the Script & How to fix Items Identified:

You may run the script on a Production environment as it's non-invasive.  We recommend fixing items identified from the output first in a clone of production to test/verify the expected outcome.  Visit Doc ID 1618885.1 to download the script and view a complete output example. 

Friday Jan 03, 2014

Demantra Platform or Application Upgrading - Program Manager Recommendations

Are you planning on an upgrade?  Should you follow a platform path?  Should you follow an application upgrade path? 

The Demantra installer provides two upgrade options.  The minimal option is a platform upgrade and the second option is a platform and application upgrade.

MyOracleSupport (MOS) Doc ID 1609763.1 delivers high impact information from the Demantra Program Management Office (PMO). 

Take a look, it will help you make informed decisions on your upgrade.

Tuesday Dec 17, 2013

Are you upgrading Oracle Demantra to 12.2.2?

When upgrading your Demantra application from an older version directly to 12.2.2 there are some issues of which you need to be aware. 

ORA errors, Excel missing cut/paste data, performance issues, Notes, Calendar and other known upgrade issues. For example, did you know creation of new Indexes on sales data can take a long time?  Or that Worksheets may not opening after the upgrade?

Please refer to MyOracleSupport (MOS) Doc ID 1602288.1 for details on issues and their known resolutions.

Tuesday Oct 18, 2011

Demantra Diagnostic Tools

ADVISOR WEBCAST: Demantra Diagnostic Tools
PRODUCT FAMILY: Manufacturing - Demantra Solutions

November 2, 2011 at 8 am PT, 9 am MT, 11 am ET

This one-hour advisor webcast is recommended for technical and functional users who implement Demantra or need to troubleshoot a problem with the application. During this presentation Demantra implementation consultants and advanced users will gain knowledge about the key diagnostic tools that can be utilized when dealing with various Demantra errors and problems.

  • Installation
  • Data model
  • Data loading (EP_Load and Integration Interfaces)
  • DB deadlocks and internal errors
  • Application memory errors
  • WS performance
  • Engine errors (a bite)

A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

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For more information on other webcasts, please reference the Oracle Advisor Webcast Schedule.

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Monday Mar 28, 2011

Demantra Engine Troubleshooting

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Monday Jan 24, 2011

Demantra Worksheet Design Best Practices

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