Friday May 30, 2014

Oracle Service Contracts – Calculate Estimated Tax with Higher Accuracy

On a Service Contract the tax rate and its effectivity can change over the contract duration.  Hence, service organizations need to provide an accurate picture of the estimated tax that the customer might end up paying. 

Prior to Release 12.1.3+, the Oracle Service Contracts application calculated the estimated tax based on the line/ sub line start date.  With Release 12.1.3+ (via Patch 16601269:R12.OKS.B) , new functionality provides users with an option to calculate tax at contract billing schedule level, thereby considering the changes in tax rate effectivity at that level.

A new profile option 'OKS: Calculate Tax at Schedule' has been introduced which can be used to control whether the existing or new functionality is used.  If the profile is set to 'Yes' the application calculates tax at the billing schedule level for all lines/ sub lines.  For more details on the implementation steps and functionality, please refer to Doc ID 1676700.1: Oracle Service Contracts – How To Calculate Estimated Tax with Higher Accuracy.

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Service Contracts: Customizing the Contract Terms Layout

The Contract Terms Library allows definition of contract templates which can then be used in Procurement and Sales contracts.  The contract templates can be previewed and the layout of this preview is determined by the layout template file that is defined on the contract template.  For formatting the template, Oracle Contracts leverages the functionality from Oracle XML Publisher.  The layout template, along with a XML Schema document that represents the XML structure of the contract data, is used to generate the contract document.  A seeded layout template, OKCTERMS_en.xsl, is provided but there are often particular business needs which require the formatting to be changed.  The notes below cover some of the more common requirements to customize the seeded layout template.

Doc ID: 1269527.1  How To Customize The Contract Terms Layout Template

Doc ID: 1267320.1  How To Format Font And Size In Clause Title And Clause Text?

Doc ID: 1314397.1  What To Do To Use Arabic In A Procurement Contract?

Doc ID: 1193535.1  Need Sections and Clause Titles To Appear In The Center Of The Line In Contract Terms

Doc ID:1383283.1  EXPLAINED: Add new variable on contract layout template header

Monday Apr 02, 2012

Recommended Patches For R12.1.3 Procurement Contracts, Contract Terms Library or Repository Contracts

If you are implementing or upgrading to R12.1.3 Procurement Contracts, Contract Terms Library or Repository Contracts, then please review the following note for a list of recommended patches to apply on top of 12.1.3: 1349213.1: Recommended Patches For R12.1.3 Procurement Contracts and Contracts Core.

Note that currently the methods given in Note 1400757.1: How to Find E-Business Suite Recommended Patches may not give the same patch listing given in Note 1349213.1.


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