Monday Jul 14, 2014

My Oracle Support Community New Functionality Sneak Peak!

Changes are afoot for the My Oracle Support Communities! We are listening and using your input to continue enhancing your experience with My Oracle Support Community. We’ve refined the look and feel of the Community, created intuitive navigation, provided powerful search functionality, and more. A new video series is coming, but we can’t wait to share key new features with you so we've scheduled a webcast for July 14, 2014.  Sorry for the short notice, but we couldn't wait!  Don't worry if you can't join, more information will be made available shortly.

 See Doc ID 1906326.1 for webcast details.

Sunday Feb 02, 2014

MOS Communities Migrate to New Platform!

My Oracle Support Communities: A New Look and Feel

With the latest upgrade, My Oracle Support Community now shares the same platform as Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Community.

This change brings enhanced search capabilities that return answers from discussions, content, and other resources. New sort options allow you to order results by relevance, ratings, dates, and other criteria: helping you find the solutions you need. Added functionality allows you to choose from notification options, like email and RSS feeds, to stay up-to-date. Improve your community interactions with features that strengthen your connections and allow members to share their experience: friend and follow options, @mention, and direct messages. 

Some things won’t change—you can still rely on community moderation by Oracle Support engineers and the ability to leverage your trusted network of Oracle Premier Support customers.

For more information on this change review the following:

  Video Series: 

   Watch the My Oracle Support Community video series.

These short videos target the new features and show you how to navigate the updated My Oracle Support Community.

Live Webcast: 

Register now for Get Proactive Essentials: Using the new My Oracle Support Community Platform.  There are sessions on multiple dates and times and in different languages.

Tuesday Nov 26, 2013

My Oracle Support Communities - Helpful and Correct Answers

Do you use the My Oracle Support Communities?  Sometimes it is hard to tell if you got the information you needed! As the person asking the question, you can let the community know which replies you found correct and which ones were helpful.

By marking replies correct or helpful, you make it easier for community members to find replies that might help them in a similar situation, since your designation will change the background color of the reply to make them stand out. In addition, you are rewarding the member who posted the reply with points.

How Do I Mark an Answer Correct or Helpful?

In each reply to a question, extra options are visible to the person who posted the question. At the bottom of the reply, you can select either “Helpful Answer” or “Correct Answer.”

Build the Community’s Knowledge and Acknowledge Members that Help You

The time you take to mark your question as answered provides value to the community and expresses appreciation to the person who provided the answer that solved your problem or gave you new insight on an approach.

You may find other members follow your example, making it easier for you to find the answers you need in discussion threads too!

Read more and watch the short video in Doc ID 1180503.1 which will tell you all you need to know about helpful and correct answers.

Monday Jul 30, 2012

Reminder: EBS CRM Communities now with 100% Product Coverage

The following is the list of the direct links to the active EBS CRM communities.  100% CRM Product coverage with Oracle Support Engineers and peers ready to review your issue. Please bookmark the following and join in the discussion!

· Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Community

· Oracle Contracts Community

· Oracle Field Service Product Family Community

· Oracle Install Base Community

· Oracle Sales, Marketing and Common Apps Community

· Oracle Sales Compensation Community

· Oracle Service Community

· Oracle Telesales Community

· Oracle Trade Management Community

Thursday May 31, 2012

100% Product Coverage in EBS CRM Communities

Starting June 1st we are now providing 100% coverage for the entire Oracle CRM product line! To facilitate this growth we have made the following changes:

  • Quoting, Telesales, Mobile Field Service and Lease and Finance Management have all been decommissioned and their content moved to their respective communities.
  • Quoting and Telesales are now covered in the newly renamed Sales, Marketing & Common Apps community.
  • Mobile Field Service is now covered in the Field Service Product Family community which used to be called Depot Repair. Lease and Finance Management is now under Contracts.

The CRM Communities are an excellent channel for collaborating on issues that are not highly time sensitive or complex. Check with Oracle experts and Industry Peers as they can provide a clue or a nudge toward an answer or a confirmation on a workaround. Some of the best and brightest will be there to assist you.
Check the News & Announcement regions for an updated list of covered products. Here are links to the current CRM communities.


Install Base

Contracts and Lease Management 


Field Service Product Family

Sales, Marketing & Common Apps

Trade Management

Sales Compensation

Tuesday May 08, 2012

E-Business CRM Community Restructuring Announcement

We don't want any of our customers to be left out of the chance to collaborate with some of the best and the brightest in our Oracle CRM Communities so in the month of May we will be making some exciting changes to enable 100% coverage our of EBS CRM product line! A description of these changes will be provided in the News & Announcements region of your communities so stay tuned for the latest news as we work towards making our communities a more effective channel of support for all. In the mean time here is the list of our current communities. If you do not find a specific community for your product at this time please choose one that is closest in the product family.

Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Community
Oracle Contracts Community
Oracle Depot Repair
Oracle Install Base Community
Oracle Lease & Finance Community
Oracle Mobile Field Service Community
Oracle Quoting
Oracle Sales and Marketing
Oracle Sales Compensation
Oracle Service Community
Oracle Telesales
Oracle Trade Management


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