Thursday Feb 20, 2014

Troubleshooting Assistant Now Available for Invoice Validation!

Proactive Support has created another great tool for you to use when facing Invoice Validation issues!

There are  many Troubleshooting Assistants available to help customers find solutions to their issues faster but we have just added another assistant for Invoice Validation because customers continue to have problems in this area and we wanted a quick way to help them find their answers.

Check out the new Troubleshooting Assistant: Oracle Payables (AP) Invoice Validation (Doc ID 1616563.2).

You will also see this tool when raising an SR for validation issues and you should defintely give it a try as it's been created from common issues and takes you directly to the known solutions.

You can interact with the tool to locate specific common error messages, review by symptoms or dig right into the issues we are aware of with the online validation or batch processing sections.  There is even some EBTax common problems included.

We also address corruption in the assistant, because often corruption can be the cause of your problem.  Why waste time trying to figure out what's wrong when you can run a simple request and find out?  

R12: Master GDF Diagnostic (MGD) to Validate Data Related to Invoices, Payments, Accounting, Suppliers and EBTax [VIDEO] (Doc ID 1360390.1

The MGD (Master Generic Data Fix) concurrent request can be ran for a date range or for a single transaction and the output will tell you exactly what is wrong with that transaction and tell you what you need to do to fix it. This is the reason why under the data corruption topic we refer to the MGD as your solution!  

It should ALWAYS be the first thing you check any time you have a payables issue so if you aren't aware of it, please read up on Payables #1 problem solving document or watch the video and get your data corruption issues fixed and prevent those headaches at month end.


EBS: Assistant (Search Helper) Index (Doc ID 1501724.1

So next time you have an Invoice Validation problem give the Troubleshooting Assistant a try and you might be surprised how easy it was to resolve! 

Monday Aug 19, 2013

HCM: Three New Troubleshooting Assistants for HCM...and One Gets a New Look

You may be familiar with the term "Search Helper".  A Search Helper for iRecruitment was introduced last year as an easy and fast method to finding a relevant, complete solution to common issues encountered by our customers.  Search Helpers exist for many products across the E-Business Suite.

Search Helpers have been re-tooled to provide an improved customer experience within My Oracle Support.  Part of that re-tooling includes reformatting and renaming the Search Helpers to one or more Assistants that more clearly define the intent or purpose of the guided resolution.  Whether you are using the Assistant within My Oracle Support to resolve an issue through Search/Browse or as part of SR creation, you will notice a different look to the Assistants, but the same information as was previously available via the Search Helpers will be provided via the Assistants.

Here's a new look at the Troubleshooting Assistant for iRecruitment (Doc ID 1451641.1):

Three new Troubleshooting Assistants have been published to help you resolve errors in HR and Payroll.
Check out the new assistants:
ORA Errors in HR - Doc ID 1561356.1
ORA Errors in Payroll -  Doc ID 1561515.1
APP Errors in Payroll - Doc ID 1566491.1

For a full listing of all assistants in EBS check the index note Doc ID 1501724.1.

Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

Problems with Purchase Orders (POs) Not Reaching Your Suppliers?

After submitting your POs for approval, once approved the ‘PO Output for Communication’ is automatically spawned (if the field PO Output Format is set to PDF).  So, if your PO is not printing out, there is error in the output or the PO is not reaching your supplier, what can you do?  Use the Assistant below for potential solutions!

PO Output for Communiations Assistant

Assistants provide a collection of solutions based on the symptoms you enter.  Select the radio button that pertains to your issue (as shown above), then choose any additional symptoms that apply and the solution documents will display.

Try the Assistant solution documents before logging a Service Request, click here for access: Doc ID 1377764.1 .

Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

New and Improved Search Helpers Now Procurement Assistants!

Check out the new and improved Procurement Assistants (formerly Search Helpers). Let us guide you simply to Issue Resolution.  To access all our Procurement Search Helpers see Doc ID 1391694.2 our Procurement Information Center.

Here you will see links to our Procurement Search Helpers:

Assistants provide a collection of solutions based on the symptoms you enter. For example simply choose the radial button that pertains to your issue, as shown here:

Then choose the additional symptom(s) that pertain and potential solution documents will be returned as shown here:

Try these before logging a Service Request.

Current Procurement Assistants:

Doc ID



 Assistant: Oracle Purchasing - Purchase Order and Requisition Approval (Search Helper)


Assistant: Oracle Purchasing PO Output for Communication / Supplier Notification Issues (Search Helper)


Assistant: Oracle Purchasing Requisition To Purchase Order (Search Helper)


Assistant: Oracle Purchasing Purchase Document Open Interface and API (Search Helper)


Assistant: Oracle Inventory Management RVTII-060 Errors in Receiving (Search Helper)


Assistant: Oracle Purchasing Buyer Work Center Search Helper (Search Helper)


Assistant: Oracle Purchasing - Document Control : Cancel and Close


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