Thursday Jun 23, 2016

Get The API (De)bugs Out!

Hey all you Inventory, Product Hub, Engineering, Bills of Material, Work in Process, Warehouse Management et el. people! Most of you are probably already familiar with the basic techniques to create database level trace files (Doc ID 141278.1), and application level debugging files (Doc ID 148651.1), using the tools available directly in the EBS applications. These are highly useful in diagnosing behind-the-scenes code and data issues.

As EBS products have evolved, Oracle has made many Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) available for general use by the Oracle User community. Wouldn't it be tremendously helpful if you could trace/debug your own API work as you develop code based on the APIs? Well we're here to let you know, you can!

Check out My Oracle Support (MOS) document, How to Enable Trace or Debug for APIs executed as SQL Script Outside of the Applications ? [Video] (Doc ID 869386.1), to see short, complete details on using trace and debug techniques at a SQL command line or in a SQL*Developer session. Both techniques are quite simple to use and very effective tools for helping you to figure out where your code is getting stuck, or why it is returning unexpected results.

With these techniques you may be able to resolve complex error situations without asking Support to assist you (which we will gladly do, of course -- especially if you're really stuck.)

Doc ID 869386.1, includes video demonstrations on these techniques, like:

Doc ID 869386.1 has become one of the most-reviewed documents in our EBS Manufacturing Inventory space. We are certain you'll find this useful. Happy coding, tracing, and debugging!!!

Monday Mar 09, 2015

Webcast: Understanding &Troubleshooting Receipts APIs In Oracle Accounts Receivable

Webcast_icon.jpgDate: March 19, 2015 at 11:00 am ET, 8:00 am PT, 3:00 pm GMT, 8:30 pm, India (Mumbai)

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) extend the existing functionality of creating & manipulating receipts through standard Oracle Receivables Receipts forms and Lockboxes. This one-hour Advisor Webcast is recommended for Accounts Receivable technical and functional users who need to create and apply receipts using Receipts APIs.

Topics will include:

  • API Overview
  • Receipts APIs
  • Review API script section
  • Execution of Receipts APIs
  • Troubleshooting Receipts API issues

Details & Registration via the My Oracle Support Community thread:  Advisor Webcast On 19-Mar-15: Understanding &Troubleshooting Receipts APIs In Oracle Accounts Receivable

Friday Nov 07, 2014

Service Contracts APIs are Finally Here!

For some time now customers have been lobbying hard for Public APIs for Oracle Service Contracts.  Now what you've all been waiting for: public APIs for service contracts data creation, update and deletion are finally here!

Many customers implement service contracts while retaining legacy (or building custom) front-end systems for entry of source transactions.  These legacy / custom transaction systems typically handle quoting and order entry and when a quote is approved or a deal is closed, there is a need for back-end programmatic mechanisms to create service contracts for the purposes of future administration, billing and to provide entitlements.   In Release 12.2.4 public and supported APIs for service contracts data manipulation have been provided.

For more details about the APIs see R12.2.4: Service Contracts API Bulletin - Technical Documentation on Available Public APIs (Doc ID 1941609.1)

The following APIs are provided:

API Name


Creating a contract header of Service Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Warranty and Extended Warranty.


Updating contract header information.


Creating a template contract from any contract.


Creating a contract from a template.


Ccreating contract lines of type Service, Usage, Extended Warranty and Subscription.


Updating contract lines of type Service, Usage, Extended Warranty and Subscription.


Generating the billing schedules.


Change the contract status from Entered to Cancelled, Cancelled to Entered and also to different statuses within the same status type.


Terminate a contract/line/subline with various options like suppress credit, full credit or with some override amount.


Delete contract/line/subline.


Renew a contract.


Cascade attributes like dates and price list from headers to lines and from lines to sublines.


Perform QA check and submit the contract for approval for contracts which are in ‘Entered Status’.  Contracts in QA hold status are moved to Active once the contract passes the QA check.


Creating a subline/covered level under a service/usage or extended warranty line.


Updating contract subline.

Thursday Jul 03, 2014

Use the New Inventory API to make Cycle Counting Easier

So, when processing your cycle counts, have you ever wondered if there is an application programming interface (API) to add to or update your ABC Group Items? If you're on EBS Inventory release 12.2, the answer is a resounding YES! Use Doc ID 1680388.1 - New R12.2 ABC Codes API to add or update ABC Group Items, to get information on the new API, including files added, required setup, helper sql's, and a quick demo video:

With the new API INV_ABC_ASSIGNMENTS_PUB.CREATE_ABC_ASSIGNMENTS, getting a new item into a cycle count has never been easier. We hope you enjoy the API and happy cycle counting!

Tuesday Feb 04, 2014

ER Implemented - New Supplier Update API's Supported in R12 Oracle Payables!

Well we have great news for you! 

In 11i there were API's (Update_Vendor, Update_Vendor_Site and Update_Vendor_Contact) but they were not supported in R12 due to integration with Multiple product teams. The reason being was that the entities Supplier, Sites and Contacts had representations in multiple products like TCA, IBY, ZX etc and all these representations needed to be in sync.

However, most of our customers have huge volumes of supplier data which they need to be able to control programmatically so the fact that they no longer had access to these API's was frustrating.

It was requested through Enhancement Request Bug 17575099: ENHANCEMENT FOR SUPPORT OF SUPPLIER UPDATE APIS that Oracle Payables provides API's for updating Supplier / Supplier Sites / Supplier Contacts in AP_VENDOR_PUB_PKG in R12.

Well, this functionality is now available and the following new APIs had been created: 

                      - Update_Vendor_Public
                      - Update_Vendor_Site_Public
                      - Update_Vendor_Contact_Public

*** Note: These are the only procedures supported to update suppliers, sites or contacts.

We are sure that this ER being implemented will be welcome news for many.  Enjoy! 

To download the document with additional information about these new procedures please review Doc ID 1618099.1 - New Supplier Update API's in Oracle Payables

Further Information:

R12: What are New Supplier Related Tables/Packages/Programs. APIs Supportability (Doc ID 812918.1

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