Thursday Dec 20, 2012

Important Message For United Kingdom Oracle Payroll Customers - Real Time Information (RTI) Update

Alert iconHMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs), the tax authority for the United Kingdom, is changing the way Employers report Employees' Tax, National Insurance and Pay information. The changes will be mandatory from April 2013.

Real Time Information (RTI) will collect information about tax and other deductions automatically each time employers run their payroll. This could be monthly, weekly or fortnightly. The information will be submitted automatically to HMRC at the same time as the employees are paid.

The RTI project has 4 distinct areas that require development work to be undertaken by all software developers including Oracle. These are:

  • Employer Alignment Submission (EAS)
  • NINO Verification (Request and Reply) (NVREQ & NVREP)
  • Full Payment Submission (FPS)
  • Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

Please reference Doc ID 1491335.1 for the latest RTI project status updates and patch availability.

Thursday Dec 13, 2012

URGENT: Patches Needed to Prevent Data Corruption in Oracle Payments

Development are seeing a number of datafix bugs being logged related to PPR committing data in Payments (IBY) and missing corresponding payments in Payables.  These bugs have been investigated and fixed, however customers need to proactively apply these fixes to prevent data corruption.

There are two root cause patches available for this case of partial data commit.  It is critical that all R12/12.1 Payments customers apply the following two patches ASAP:

a) Patch 11699958: R12: Error during PPR Leads to Incomplete Data Commit and Inconsistent Status (Doc ID 1338425.1)

b) Patches 15867522: Confirmed PPR Batches Show Payment Initiated - Data Exist Only in IBY Tables (Doc ID 1506611.1)

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Monday Nov 26, 2012

ALERT: Error Processing US Wage Attachment Elements In Payroll Run After RUP Patches

Customers who have run the Upgrade Wage Attachments process after applying the 2012 RUP are reporting errors similar to those listed below when either running a quickpay or processing a payroll for employee(s) with involuntary deductions.

APP-PAY-51118: Error was encountered when processing assignment 1115
ETNAME: Garnishment 3
APP-PAY-51119: Error was encountered when processing Element Type Garnishment 3
SQLERRMC ORA-01403: No data found
SQL_NO 520
TABLE_NAME pay_input_values_f
APP-PAY-06881:Error ORA-01403: no data found has occured in table pay_input_values_f at location 520

This issue was logged in Bug 14679161 - QUICK PAY ERROR AFTER RUP (2012) AND WAGE ATTACHMENT UPGRADE APP-PAY-06881.

The following one off patches have been released to My Oracle Support to resolve this issue*:

11i -  Patch 14679161
12.0 - Patch 14849394:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - Patch 14849394:R12.PAY.B

* IMPORTANT:  Depending on when/if customers have run the Wage Attachment upgrade process will determine the appropriate action to take. Any customer who is encountering the above error and/or has run the Wage Attachment upgrade process AFTER applying the 2012 RUP (applicable to their release level) should log a Service Request with Oracle Support to receive assistance on the necessary steps to take to resolve the problem BEFORE applying the above patch.

Any customer who has not yet run the Wage Attachment Upgrade process (either before or after applying the 2012 RUP), should follow the action plan documented in the patch readme.

For those customers who have already run the Wage Attachment Upgrade process BEFORE applying the 2012 RUP, should apply the patch (applicable to your release) listed above. Be sure to run any post install processes, such as the data install utility and HR global driver.  See the patch readme for full details.

Please consult Note 404478.1: Americas (US, CA, MX) HCM High Priority Alert for the latest Alert status.

Thursday Jun 14, 2012

Important Alert: Disable Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Auto-Update for Windows EBS end-users


All desktop administrators must IMMEDIATELY disable the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Auto-Update option for all Windows end-user desktops connecting to Oracle E-Business Suite Release11i, 12.0, and 12.1.

For more information, please see here


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