Friday Jan 30, 2015

New R12 Consolidated Patch for R12 1099 Reporting Available!

Development have just released a new consolidated patch for R12 customers for easier 1099 patching

Patch 19802493 was originally released as the R12 2014 changes patch but it did not contain all the files needed to ensure the latest code for all aspects of 1099 reporting.

Customers new to 1099 reporting would have had to apply multiple R12 patches to update all the necessary files for problem free reporting.  As a result a consolidation patch was requested for simplicity to ensure customers only needed to apply one patch.

If you have already applied 19802493 this is still valid as it provides the changes for this year.  However, if you are new to 1099s, didn't apply last years patches or are having issues with your reporting then you should ensure to apply the consolidation patch detailed below.

What do you need to do?

Apply the following patch specific to your release:

11i: Apply Patch 19802504 - 1099 REPORTING CHANGES FOR YEAR 2014

12.0.x: Apply Patch 20432513:R12.AP.A - 1099 CONSOLIDATION FOR THE YEAR 2014 for R12

12.1.x: Apply Patch 20432513:R12.AP.B - 1099 CONSOLIDATION FOR THE YEAR 2014 for R12

12.2.x: Apply Patch 20432513:R12.AP.C - 1099 CONSOLIDATION FOR THE YEAR 2014 for R12

Oracle Payables Plans for 2014 1099 Reporting (Doc ID 209913.1) has been updated with the new patch details.

This is an important update on the original blog post

Thursday Nov 27, 2014

1099 Tax Reporting Patches for 2014 Are Now Available

The 1099 Tax Reporting changes for 2014 are now available for download from My Oracle Support.

Year 2014 IRS Mandated Changes:

The following updates were made to reflect the United States (US) 1099 tax reporting changes required by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the tax year 2014:

  • The payment year was updated from 2013 to 2014 on US 1099 forms.
  • The state of Iowa was removed from the Combined Filing Program.

What Do You Need To Do?

1. Apply one of the following patches:

11i: Apply Patch 19802504 - 1099 REPORTING CHANGES FOR YEAR 2014
12.0.x: Apply Patch 19802493:R12.AP.A - 1099 REPORTING CHANGES FOR YEAR 2014
12.1.x: Apply Patch 19802493:R12.AP.B - 1099 REPORTING CHANGES FOR YEAR 2014
12.2.x: Apply Patch 19802493:R12.AP.C - 1099 REPORTING CHANGES FOR YEAR 2014

2. Run the Oracle Payables 1099 Setup Test (Doc ID 829636.1) to check for any problems and resolve any reported issues before testing 1099 functionality.

For full details please review Oracle Payables Plans for 2014 1099 Reporting (Doc ID 209913.1)

Questions or comments? 

Ask a question on the dedicated community thread for this topic

Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

1099 Patches For 2013 US Tax Reporting Just Released!!

The 1099 US Tax Reporting patches for the 2013 tax year have now been released and are available for download from My Oracle Support.

Patch Details: 

R12.0.x: Patch 17896105:R12.AP.A:1099 CHANGES FOR YEAR 2013: R12 (12.0)

R12.1.x: Patch 17896105:R12.AP.B:1099 CHANGES FOR YEAR 2013: R12 (12.1)

R12.2.x: Patch 17896105:R12.AP.C:1099 CHANGES FOR YEAR 2013: R12 (12.2)

R11i: Patch 17925376:1099 CHANGES FOR YEAR 2013 FOR 11i(11.5.10.CU2/

Note: These patch numbers were updated on 16th Dec 2013 due to prior patches (R12 - 17842317 and 11i - 17763198) being superseded. 

For full details please review the 1099 Document that is updated every year at this time in preparation for the upcoming 1099 tax season:

Oracle Payables Plans for 2013 1099 Reporting (Doc ID 209913.1)

Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

HCM: North America Year End is Just Around the Corner!

Are you ready for Year End? As we all know, Year End is a very busy time of patching, processing, sending out employee tax reports, and governmental filings. Oracle Support and Oracle Development want to help ensure a successful year end for your business.

Timing - The legislative deadlines are still a few months away, but here is a quick reminder of the timing:

 United States

Year End forms are due to all employees by January 31, 2014, followed by Federal and State Filings

 Canada Employee Year End forms and the government Year End Magnetic filings are due at the end of February
 Mexico Various employee reports and government filings are due between January 31st and May 31

Patching Information  - Refer to the following notes for important patching information that you’ll need for Year End.  As a reminder, the current Roll up Patch (RUP) is a mandatory requirement for Year End processing in the Oracle Payroll localizations delivered by Product Development legislations and US Federal HR products.  So you want to be prepared by having the latest RUP patch already tested & applied.

 United States & Canada Doc ID 111499.1 - Oracle North American Payroll - 11.5.x Mandatory Patches
Doc ID 386434.1 - Oracle North American Payroll - 12.0.x Mandatory Patches
Doc ID 858794.1 - Oracle North American Payroll - 12.1.x Mandatory Patches
 Mexico Doc ID 941742.1 - Oracle Mexican Payroll - 12.0.x Mandatory Patches
Doc ID 941673.1 - Oracle Mexican Payroll - 11i.x Mandatory Patches
Doc ID 941743.1 - Oracle Mexican Payroll - 12.1.x Mandatory Patches

Note for R11i users: Please be aware of year end support for each legislation.  As announced in the NA Payroll World:  R11i US and Canadian Payroll customers who are on (and who purchased Extended Support) will be supported through Year End 2014. R11i Mexico Payroll customers are only supported through Year End 2012.

Patching Schedule - Stay tuned for the release of the Year End patches.  Here are the targeted release dates:

US & Canada:

Year End Phase 1 – End of September
Year End Phase 2 – December 15th
Year End Phase 3 – January 15th 

Reference Doc ID 216109.1 Oracle Human Resources (HRMS) Payroll North America Annual Patching Schedule

Mexico (no specific target dates, but here’s the typical schedule we’ve seen over the last few years):

Year End Phase 1 – Mid December
Year Begin – End of December
Year End Phase 2 – End of January

Reference Doc ID 975677.1 Mexico HRMS 2012 Year End Patch Release Schedule

Also refer to the following note from time to time, as it will be updated as new information becomes available:  Doc ID 1577601.1 North American Year End 2013 / 2014 Year Begin Patch Information and Useful Links.

Advisor Webcasts - Again this year, the North America Payroll Team will be hosting the Year End Advisor Webcasts to deliver information to assist you for year end processing.  Once the schedule & topics are finalized, the webcasts will be announced.  In addition, you can view past webcasts that have been archived.   For the current schedule and links to the archives, refer to the following note: 

Doc ID 740966.1 Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived Recordings.  

Be sure to check the note frequently for details of upcoming webcasts...don’t miss out!


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