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Setting up System Options in Property Manager

System option set up is the first and the foremost
step while implementing the Property Manager without which no further
activities can be performed in Property manager. Property manager
is a multi org access enabled module and setting up system options helps
customize the Oracle Property Manager environment for each
operating unit. System options determine your ledger and currency conversion
type. System options also control how Oracle Property Manager displays location
aliases, sends information to Oracle Payables, and Oracle Receivables, and
governs creation of leases and space assignments.

The below setups are done in system options level

System Options


Accounting Option

how your users must specify General Ledger accounts on the Details tabbed
region of the Lease window or the Accounts Distribution tab of the

Allow Tenancy
Overlap within Lease

Determines whether users can assign a single location to two tenants on the
same lease.

Automatic Number

Provides an option to automatically generate the
numbers for Company, Lease, variable rent etc

Automatic Space

whether to distribute the space automatically to all the occupants of a
particular location or users will have to enter a space allocation percentage
manually each time they assign space.

Calculate Annualized Basis for Index Rent

how the annualized basis is calculated for index rent calculation

Recovery Terms

Decides whether a single term needs to be
created for rent recovery or multiple terms for different line types

Currency Conversion

You can
use the Currency Conversion Type system option to specify the conversion rate
type to be used

Landlord/Tenant View

Can be
used to set the default value of Lease Class for new leases

Default Location
Area for Leases

whether the lease assignable area, rentable area, and usable area should be
set to the associated location's rentable, usable, and assignable area by

Extend Index Rent
Terms Upon Lease Extension

Decides whether to extend associated Index Rent Terms automatically when the
Lease Termination Date is extended.

Include Terms as
Rent Increase Basis by Default

Decides whether Property Manager automatically selects terms that qualify
as basis terms for inclusion in the rent increase basis.

Invoice Grouping

You can
use the Invoice Grouping Name system option to specify the default invoice
grouping rule to be used with payment transactions


the ledger that you want to use with the operating unit in Oracle Property
Manager. The ledger determines the currency, accounting calendar, and chart
of accounts.

Legacy Cutoff Date

You can
use the Legacy Cutoff Date system option to specify a cutoff date for
specific rent increase periods.

Location Code

a separator for location code aliases. The value entered in the Location Code
Separator field becomes the separator between all location code aliases

Multiple Tenancy

Decides whether to associate multiple leases to the same
location for the same or overlapping tenancy periods.

Recalculate Index
Rent on Account Change

whether index rent amounts should be recalculated when you modify the account
distributions for a lease

Smallest Term

the smallest amount for which Oracle Property Manager creates rent increase

Record each Space Assignment

Decides whether space assignments can be changed
only as of system date or current
and future dated space assignments transactions can be done

For more information on the above options, values
that can be set for each profile option, how application / functionality
changes with each option, refer the document 1099133.1.

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