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Role of Proration Rule Setup in Oracle Property Manager

In Oracle Property Manager, proration rule setup
plays a very important role while calculating the rent amount for a lease which
is staring / ending in the middle of the period. Based on the proration rule,
system divides the monthly / annual rent to derive the daily rent amount and
based on that the rent amount for fraction period will be arrived.

Here is an example of how the lease amount is
calculated with different proration rules, when the lease is started in the middle of the period.

Let’s assume a lease
has a monthly rent of 10,000 and payment term start date is 15th Sep. Then the
Sep rent amount will be

more details on the proration rule functionality, how it impacts the lease rent calculation etc  refer Property
user's guide.

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  • Tapash Kumar Mishra Thursday, January 16, 2020
    Hi Vaishali,

    Can we parallelly configure IFRS16 for 2 different calanders? For example client wants to configure for both Hijrah and Gregorian calander. Is this feasible?

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