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Reconciliation Issues Are More Than Just Data Related....

Karen Donda
Principal Technical Analyst

Not all reconciliation issues are data related.  To rule out whether it is a report code issue, it is always important to keep your code versions up to date.

AR Reconciliation Report [ARXRECON, ARRECONB.pls]
Aging – 7 Bucket By Account Report [ARXAGMW, ARAGBKTB.pls]
AR to GL Reconciliation Report [ARGLRECB, arglrecb.pls]
AR Journal Entries Report [ARRGTA, arjigl.lpc]
GL Account Analysis Report – 132 Char [GLACTANL, glijeapb.pls]

Sales Journal [ARSJGLARPT, ARXLARB.pls]
Applied Receipts Journal [ARXAPPJR, ARGLRECB.pls]
Unapplied Receipts Journal [ARUNAJR, ARGLRECB.pls]
Adjustment Journal [ARXADJJR, ARRXOTHB.pls]

Transaction Register [ARRXINVR, ARRXTXB.pls]
Applied Receipts Register [ARRXARRG, ARRXRCB.pls]
Unapplied and Unresolved Receipts Register  [RXARUNAR, ARRXUNAB.pls]
Adjustment Register [ARRXARPB, ARRXADJB.pls]

How to check file versions:

a) Using UNIX command
    strings -a |grep '$Header'

b) Via Analyzers under Setup & Environment Information Window
    File Version Information > AR Forms, Libraries and Report Versions
    To access & install E-Business Suite (EBS) Analyzers, see
    Get Proactive with Oracle EBS - Product Support Analyzer Index (Doc ID 1545562.1)
    EBS Support Analyzer Bundle Menu Tool (Doc ID 1939637.1) - Install all, some, one Analyzer

c) Using My Oracle Support To Find Latest Report Version

Additional References for non-code issues:
AR to GL Reconciliation Report Shows DIFFERENCE_DR = DIFFERENCE_CR for Upgraded Data (Doc ID 1616730.1)
AR to GL Reconciliation Report Showing Wrong Headings Debit / Debit Should Be Debit / Credit (Doc ID 1551873.1)

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