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Order Batch Pricing

Christine Schmehl
Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer
Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to reprice existing orders?

One way to price or re-price existing Orders is by querying for those Orders and manually choosing the “Price Line” or “Price Order” action from the form. Alternatively a call can be made to Process Order API with “PRICE_ORDER” or “PRICE_LINE” action for the specified Orders / Lines.

The first approach requires users to query for the Orders and/or Lines in the user interface either using Sales Order or Order Organizer. Manually selecting all the Orders/Lines and then choosing the Price Order/Price Line action.

In the second approach, user will have to make a call to Process Order API. This requires PL/SQL knowledge to write a wrapper API that would fetch all the required Orders/Lines matching a criteria and then pass the Orders/Lines to Process Order API with the Pricing Action.

As of R12.1.1, there is a concurrent program that can easily be submitted from the user interface and can Price the Orders/Lines matching the input criteria. The Batch Price concurrent program attempts to price items as specified
by input parameters for any open orders or lines. Batch Pricing honors
the Calculate Price Flag on the individual order lines.  This concurrent program will execute in the background using parallel processing, so that users can continue with their activities.

For more information please refer to the Order Management Users Guide Batch Price Concurrent Program section or Doc ID 580068.1 12.1.1 Oracle Order Management Release Notes.

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Luis Saldana Wednesday, September 4, 2019
    I modified the Price List prices for some items that exists in a few sales orders, and invalidated the old prices with the END_DATE field. If I run the BATCH PRICING concurrent program with the right parameters, all sales order lines for those items with new prices will be updated with the new price?
    How do I have to run the BATCH PRICING concurrent program to update the sales order lines with the new prices?
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