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New ORAchk Version Released

Andrew Lumpe
Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer

The new release: ORAchk release is now available to download.

New Features in ORAchk

Easier to Use & Upgrade Oracle Health Checks Collection Manager

The Oracle Health Checks Collection Manager has a new easier to navigate interface, based on the Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5 theme. This new interface is only available if you have APEX 5 installed on your database.

ORAchk continues to include the APEX 4 based Collection Manager app, however all new functionality in new releases will only go into the APEX 5 Collection Manager app.

The Collection Manager can now be upgraded from the ORAchk tool. It will be upgraded to the latest version of whichever app your database can support. If you have APEX 5, you will get the new theme interface.

./orachk -cmupgrade

More Flexibility for Running Root Privileged Checks

A large number of the Oracle Stack Health Checks don't require root access, however a subset need to run with root privileges.

The script used to execute these root privilege checks is root_orachk.sh This root script will be created in the temporary directory used by ORAchk, which is $HOME by default and can be changed by setting exporting RAT_TMPDIR.

There may be times when you want to place the root script in a different location from the temporary directory, for either security or convenience reasons.

You can now choose to have the root script created outside of the standard temporary directory, in a custom directory you set via the RAT_ROOT_SH_DIR environment variable:

export RAT_ROOT_SH_DIR=/orahome/oradb/

You can use a specific location for sudo remote access, like this:

export RAT_ROOT_SH_DIR=/mylocation

Then the entry in the /etc/sudoers:

oracle ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:/mylocation/root_orachk.sh

Support for AIX 7.2

With this release, ORAchk adds support for the latest version of IBM AIX 7.2 (in addition to existing support for versions 5.2, 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1)

Support for New Oracle Database Appliances

ORAchk already has support for the existing Oracle Database Appliance HA; this release adds support for new Oracle Database Appliances Small and Medium.

New Checks

New Health Checks have been added across the Oracle stack, including checks for Database & RAC for both existing versions and 12.2 upgrade readiness.

To see new checks for specific systems see the ORAchk Health Check catalog.

For more details and to download the latest release of ORAchk see Document 1268927.2

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