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New Fixed Assets Analyzer Version is Now Available

Fixed asset analyzer is a self-service health-check diagnostic that will help you to review Assets related data, analyzes current configurations and set up you have in your instance and provides feedback and recommendations on best practices. 

In the new 200.39 version which can be downloaded from document  2061234.1, there are different sections like Proactive and Preventive recommendations, Setup related checks, Depreciation status, asset / tax work bench related issues, mass addition & sub ledger accounting related issues. In addition to that it also has list of recommendation for your period closure as well as depreciation calculator which will help you to understand how system has calculated the depreciation for a specific asset.  In the latest version, we have also included many data inconsistency check which can create issues during your period closure / depreciation run.

Note that the analyzer just extracts the data from your instance and in any case your application data is not altered when you run this Analyzer.

Benefits of the Fixed Assets Analyzer:

  • Immediate analysis and output of Fixed Assets data from a particular environment
  • Identifies:
    • Recommended patches to apply to avoid application bug issues
    • Oracle Assets system setup and configurations
    • Depreciation status of the book
    • Gaps/Overlaps in Asset Calendars and Prorate Convention Calendars
    • Known issues related to Workbench, Mass Additions, Subledger Accounting
    • Payables to Oracle Assets invoice transfers
    • Period Close process recommendations
    • Highlights transactions which has data inconsistency
Analyzers are designed to proactively assist you to better diagnose and
maintain your Oracle Application environments.  We welcome and encourage
you to share your feedback via the Fixed Assets Analyzer feedback
in the My Oracle Support Fixed Assets Community. Your feedback
shapes the content of existing Analyzers and drives creation of new

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Matthew Pitkin Wednesday, November 6, 2019
    Is this same Analyzer available for Fusion Assets?
  • Vaishali Friday, November 8, 2019
    Hi Matthew

    This analyzer is specific to EBS Fixed asset and cannot be used for fusion assets

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