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Look-Back Period Archive Patch Released

Property Manager Development has released a patch
to replace the need to run SQL queries to archive historical lease data. The patch creates a concurrent program that
users can run at each fiscal month-end to archive the lease data. A patch that enables users to create
calculations and generate reports from the archived lease data is planned for a
later date.

The patch
numbers are:

25460193:R12.PN.B - Prerequisite: 12.1.3 delta 6

25460193:R12.PN.C - Prerequisite: 12.2.3 with R12.PJ_PF.C.delta.4

The purpose of this enhancement patch is to enable
users to archive their lease data for each period-end, starting from February
2017. Later, when the solution for the Look Back period is released, users can
run a calculation program using the archived period-end lease data to generate
the required financial results, by period.

For more information on requirement of Look Back
Period, the changes that are introduced via above patches etc, please review Doc ID

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