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Introducing the Procurement Document Analyzer !

The 'Procurement Document Analyzer' scans your Procurement footprint, configuration, environment, and transaction data. For areas of concern, the output provides recommendations to prevent future issues and point to existing solutions for uncovered problems. Identified solutions for errors and warnings can often be implemented without logging a Service Request.

The analyzer output will be requested in SRs where relevant. The analyzer can be run for Purchase Order, Blanket Agreement, Blanket Release, and Requisition documents. You may optionally specify line number to limit the results; this is especially beneficial when there are a high number of lines on the document or for issues specific to a line, shipment, or distribution.

Where can you get the analyzer? (EBS Procurement Document Analyzer Doc ID 2547817.1) to learn more, download the Analyzer and review the sample output.


We are always looking for suggestions to improve our tools, and the Procurement Document Analyzer is no exception. Provide your feedback via the EBS Procurement Document Analyzer feedback thread in the My Oracle Support Procurement Community.