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How To Improve Create Accounting - Assets Performance

In Oracle fixed assets, depreciation and create accounting programs are two programs which touches each and every asset and often leads to performance issues. However there are many tips / setups which can help us to improve the create accounting performance.

Following are few suggestions which might help to reduce the overall run time for Create Accounting process :

1.  Make sure below profiles are already set

  • FA: Batch size : 10000
  • FA: Number of Parallel Requests : 10

2.  Ensure you run 'Gather Statistics' for the FA, XLA & XDO Schema on a regular basis.

3.  Ensure debug profiles like 'FA: Print Debug' / 'FND: Debug Log Enabled' are NOT set to 'Yes'.

4.  Make use of 'Process Category' parameter to restrict the number of events getting processed in each run.

5.  Performance can be improved by using parallel work that will increase the performance as work is split on a worker for each available processor.

To do that:

A) Set the 'No of Processors' in the Update System Options to a higher number; This can be set up to number of processor minus one.
To achieve this:

  • Navigate to: GL responsibility > Accounting Setup Manager
  • Query for your ledger and click on update subledger accounting options.
  • For your application, click on Update System Options. Here, you can enable parallel option, that will spawn multiple child programs.

B) Make sure concurrent manager has appropriate settings to launch that many concurrent manager requests in parallel.

C) Also, you can change the 'unit size' and 'number of events' of that event class to be picked by one processor at a time.

Along with the above steps, create accounting can be run only for one 'Process Category' at a time.
Say there are 3 different 'Process Category':

EC1 = 100000 events

EC2 = 500000 events

EC3 = 300000 events

In this case, it can be set like:
number of units = 5
and number of events per class = 10000
Then create accounting should be run separately for EC1 and EC2 and EC3.
This way, it will launch 3 separate Create Accounting sessions and each create accounting will launch 5 Create Accounting programs.

6. Run Create Accounting process with Report option set to 'No Report'.

Refer to: Doc ID 1967177.1 - How To Improve Create Accounting - Assets Performance


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