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Have You Tried The Payables Community? Those That Have Love It And Now It's Easier To Find!

If you haven't tried the Payables community to answer your Oracle Payables questions lately then you need to give it a try!  

The purpose of the Payables Community is to connect people and facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and best uses of the Payables products. We hope, that as a participant, you will become closely involved with helping other users as well as receiving help quickly for issues that you post.  

Starting with My Oracle Support 6.7, that was recently released, we have made it even easier for you to get involved in the community with the introduction of the ‘Ask in Community’ button that was added to immediately
to the left of the 'Create SR' Button in the Service Request region.

Ask in community

Now when a customer clicks on the button they will be taken
to the 'Create a Community Post' page where they can select which community
they want to post in and then enter their question. 

New Post

Some questions may have already been answered so first use the Search feature located on the top right of the page to check for solutions already available. 

You can check out the other sections with the most popular documents. These documents include vital information to help solving errors and provide products information.

The section "Payables Featured Discussions" include details about new products. You are most welcome to join these discussions by adding a question or comment. 

Have you posted a question and read a reply that helped you? If you have, you have the ability to let the person know it was helpful.  Members who posted questions are encouraged to mark replies as helpful or correct, and clicking on the icon for a correct or helpful  answer will take you directly to the question’s first reply of that type.

You can also recommend posts or documents to other Community members. When you view either a discussion reply or a document, you can click on  to tell others that you found the information valuable. The bar to the left of each item, fills with green, as the number of “thumbs up” votes increases.

Some great discussions available for you to review and participate in are:

Give the Payables Community a try next time you have a question and see for yourself how well it works! 

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