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Get the Latest ! A New Version of the HCM Person Analyzer 200.25 was Released!

Andrea Seale
SR. Principal Support Technical Analyst

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new version of our Person Analyzer.
Version 200.25 is the latest, containing new formatting and bug fixes.

As you may be aware, Analyzers are designed by Oracle support to proactively assist you to better diagnose and maintain your Oracle Application environments.

The HCM Person Analyzer has these following areas where we review and analyze your data and setup with a resulting error, warning or passed notification

  • Overall Instance details
  •  Person details
  • System Person / Assignment types
  • Terminations
  • Salary Administration 
  • Person Payroll Details
  • Workflow

Some of the benefits obtained by using this Person Analyzer are:

  •         Immediate analysis and output of Person data from a particular environment
  •         Patching status
  •         Person complete information & Common information
  •         Provides recommended actions and best practices
  •         Runs as a standalone or Concurrent Request

* This is a non-invasive script - the Analyzer does not perform any INSERTs, UPDATEs or DELETEs to your data; it just reports on it.
* Our Per.sql scripts will be decommissioned soon, in 2016

Please be aware that instructions to run analyzer were changed and documented in Note 1675487.1 EBS Human Capital Management (HCM) Person Analyzer

To run from sqlplus:

1)  create package
SQL> @hcm_person_analyzer.sql

2) run script for one person_id

SQL> @hcm_person_analyzer_from_sql

To run as concurrent request:

1) create package

SQL> @hcm_person_analyzer.sql

2)  create concurrent request (one time setup)

FNDLOAD apps/<appspw> 0 Y UPLOAD $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afcpprog.lct PERSONAZ.ldt CUSTOM_MODE=FORCE

- assign concurrent request to needed responsibilities(one time setup)

- run process / request

If you have any feedback in regards to this analyzer, please use the feedback link found in EBS Human Capital Management (HCM) Person Analyzer (Doc ID 1675487.1)

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