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Get a Better Understanding of GL Mass Allocations Across Ledgers

Adriana Bacila
Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer

Mass allocations make a wonderful tool to be used for quick generation of journal entries for a group of cost centers, departments, divisions, ledgers. Instead of creating many manual journals to transfer amounts from one account to others based on specific business rules, users can create one allocation formula that will generate all these journals directly. 

It is That Easy! Define

  • Allocation Pool
  • Allocation Formula
  • Target and Offset Account

Run it! 

Mass Allocations help generate a variety of allocations - such as:

  • Net Allocations
  • Step-Down Allocations 
  • Rate-Based Allocations
  • Usage-Based Allocations
  • Standard Costing Allocations

You can group Mass Allocation formulas into batches even when they refer to different ledgers. 

The setup required to run Mass Allocations across ledgers is more complex; available features allow to enter a ledger or ledger set for the accounts, run based on entered currency or ledger's currency and more. 

We have prepared a Whitepaper for you that includes real business cases, examples, known issues and more - share it with the business users today:

Mass Allocation Across Ledgers in Release12 (Doc ID 2137586.1

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Raj Tuesday, December 5, 2017

    That's fine above narrated topic in cost distribution. But Rather than using mass allocation, how can you distribute cost across different cost centers?

    Can you please give me some notes of my question.

    Thanks in Advance
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