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Find Out More About WMS Cloud REST API Webservices

Todd Cerny
Principal Technical Support Engineer

Integration with external systems used to be complex and error prone in legacy systems. Not anymore with Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud REST API Webservices.  

Representational State Transfer (REST) is a web standards-based architecture utilizing the HTTP protocol for data communication. RESTful web services are a light weight, scalable, and maintainable way to allow web-based system-to-system communication, irrespective of the respective application platforms (interoperability).

Oracle WMS Cloud has had REST API's for many years. However, the focus has been very functional. It has focused on:
Data interfaces - getting transactional data in and out

Operational APIs - specific operations to support integrating with automation systems
Version 9.0.0 includes a new set of API's that focus on exposing broader and deeper access to the system. It follows REST standards more closely to create entities (resources) and allows access to these resources via the HTTP verbs GET, POST etc. These API’s designed for interacting with and manipulating application data using HTTP requests. The purpose of these APIs is to expose application data to external systems in a controlled and predictable manner. REST APIs can be used as a tool for individual users working with the application, but they are primarily designed for system integration.

You can find the latest 9.0 documents at document, Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud - Documentation for Release 9.0.0 (Doc ID 2381586.1).

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Edgar Wednesday, May 22, 2019
    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the information, very interesting.

    I have a question...
    What is the limit of records/rows that a WMS API can return to me?

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