North American Payroll - Year End Reminders

By now you probably have a good start on your North America payroll year end processing, and are getting ready to issue 2013 employee tax statements.  Soon after that will come the governmental tax filiings.

This is just a reminder of the year end patches, documentation, and other resources available to you as you complete the North America payroll year end on Oracle EBS Payroll.


US & Canada End of Year Phase 1 2013 released 10/1/2013 -
Patch Numbers:
11i - 17535554
12.0 - 17535555:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 17535555:R12.PAY.B
US & Canada End of Year 2013 Phase 2 released 12/16/2013 -
(End of Year 2013 Phase 2 includes the End of Year 2013 Phase 1, US Q4 2013 as well as the Year Begin 2014 statutory updates.)
Patch Numbers:
11i - 17955551
12.0 - 17955555:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 17955555:R12.PAY.B
US & Canada End of Year 2013 Phase 3 released 1/15/2014 -
(End of Year 2013 Phase 3 includes the End of Year 2013 Phase 1 and 2 as well as Year Begin 2014 statutory updates.)
Patch numbers:
11i - 18075555
12.0 - 18075556:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 18075556:R12.PAY.B
Mexico Payroll Year Begin 2014 released 12/31/2013 -
Patch numbers:
12.0 - 17924551:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 17924551:R12.PAY.B
Mexico 2014 ISR and Subsidy for Employment Tax Rates released 1/9/2014 -
Patch numbers:
12.0 - 18050606:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 18050606:R12.PAY.B

IMPORTANT:  For each of the patches that you need, make sure to review the patch Readme for important installation information.


Refer to the My Oracle Support Doc ID 1577601.1 "North American Year End 2013 / 2014 Year Begin Patch Information and Useful Links" for links to the functional patch readmes, End of Year Processing guides, Mandatory Patch lists, and other helpful documentation including information on the year end W2 and 1099R forms.


Year End Advisor Webcasts
Archived 2013, 2 sessions recorded:

  • EBS North American Payroll Year End Process Flow  (November 20, 2013)
  • EBS Oracle Payroll North American Year-End Updates - 2013  (October 9, 2013)

These recorded webcasts can be accessed via the My Oracle Support Doc ID 1455851.1 "E-Business Suite HCM Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings".

My Oracle Suport Communities:  Payroll-EBS
This is a great place for you to go for quick answers to functional and technical questions. It's an open forum where you can ask questions and share YOUR expertise with others by answering questions. The communities are monitored and updated not only by Oracle Support, but also by other Oracle EBS users.

North American Payroll World
Payroll World is an email distribution list for North American Oracle Payroll customers used to quickly disseminate information regarding product updates, patches, and statutory changes. To subscribe to this email distribution list, send e-mail with your contact name, CSI number, and company name to

Last year, the Oracle North American Payroll World distribution list completed a transition from a traditional email distribution list to an Oracle Beehive Online Group. Please note that in order to become a member of the new Beehive Online group, you will need to have an active account on OTN (Oracle Technology Network), or if you already have an OTN account, your current email address MUST match the one associated with that account.
To create an account or to confirm your email address, go to MyProfile (
Also, as the Oracle North American Payroll World email announcements are being sent by email ID, it may need to be added to your address book.


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