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Enhanced Barcode Scanning Features

Suryanarayana Maddula
Principal Technical Support Engineer

With Contributing Author: Vishnu Vemulapalli

Are you aware of the Enhanced Barcode Scanning features? During these unprecedented times, these features will support the increase in warehouse needs by making the scan option functionally rich. Additionally, they will increase efficiency by reducing the number of scans per page.

Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) provides a rich and interactive user interface. It supports the following enhanced features:

  • Wide range of scan options including 1D Barcode scan & 2D Barcode scan out of order scanning
  •  Support Scanning as per FDA (GS1) and European (PPN) compliance
  •  Support scanning of concatenated barcodes with fixed and variable lengths with option to configure the value delimiter
The following attributes are newly introduced in mwa.cfg file , which controls these new enhancements
  • mwa.GlobalBarcodeDelimiter
  • mwa.FixedLengthFields
  • mwa.RestrictFieldExitAtScan
  • mwa.OutOfOrderScanEnabled

Example GS1 standard barcode: (01)0000000AMO-100(17)190100(10) LOT1 :( 30)231 :( 422) USA 


  • 01 - This is DFI for GTIN(length=14) which in this case is telling the value to be for item AMO-100
  • At the end of 14 item digits 17 identifies the next DFI which represents lot expiration whose value is 190100 (YYMMDD) i.e. Jan 2019
  • This is followed by DFI 10 that represents lot number which is LOT1. Since lot is variable length the end of it is notified by :
  • Next DFI is 30 which represents count of item i.e. quantity which again is variable length. Here the count is shown as 231 with : at the end
  • Last DFI is 422 which denotes country of origin which is USA.

These are the new features are included in 12.2.9 version. For Release 12.2.4+, you can apply patch 29297112:R12.MWA.C to get these new enhancements.

If you are 12.1.3 or below, contact us via Service Request to see if we can provide a backport patch for you.

You can find more details on these features at the document below:

The Enhancements in MSCA Barcode Scanning Feature Provided by 12.2.9 Release (Doc ID 2582114.1)

You can find the demo and webcast recording in the document below:

Advisor Webcast Recording: 12.2.9 Enhancements in Barcode Scanning in MSCA (Mobile Supply Chain Applications), Webcast Held on April 22nd 2020 (Doc ID 2650092.1)

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