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E-Business CRM Install Base Analyzer is Now Available!

Guest Author

Oracle Install Base is an item instance life cycle tracking application that facilitates enterprise-wide life cycle item management and tracking capability.  In a typical process flow a sales order is created and shipped, which updates Inventory and creates a new item instance in Install Base (IB). The Inventory update results in a record being placed in the Service Fulfillment Manager (SFM) Event Queue.  If the record is successfully processed the IB tables are updated - if there is an error the record needs to be resolved so that the IB instance can be created and maintained. 

Due to various causes, everything from user setups, code bugs, or wrong data being entered, transactions can be delayed or hindered from updating the Install Base.  This can cause errors and processing delays in other modules such as Asset Tracking, Service, Contracts, Field Service and many other modules that depend on the timely and accurate update of the IB tables. 

Now you can proactively find issues before they impact your business users and customers by utilizing our newest tool -  the IB Analyzer.  See Doc ID 1597450.1 for details and to download the script.

The Install Base Analyzer is designed to make recommendations on best
practices and reveal areas of concern based on your current setup and
transaction statuses. It can be run manually or as a concurrent request.
There are currently 24 checks (more will be added over time) for
various areas such as profile and parameter setups, patching level,
invalid objects, Event queue message statuses, inconsistent lot and
revision control item setups, top transaction error summaries and a
number of known errors and their solutions.

IB Analyzer output example

This script is a non-invasive, safe, read-only script that can be run in your Production environment.  The output is in HTML form, is user friendly and easy to navigate.  And best of all, for those problems that are identified, we provide direct links to their known solutions.  

We will continue to improve and update the IB Analyzer as we identify problem trends and common errors.  Please try out the tool and let us know what you think.  We are open to questions, comments, concerns and any ideas for improvement you may have. 

Come and see all that the IB Analyzer (Doc ID 1597450.1) can do for you today and provide us your feedback!

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