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Do you Know My Oracle Support Communities?

You are struck with an issue in Oracle Application
and don’t know how to proceed?

Are you wondering how others are meeting a
particular requirement in Oracle application?

The best place to get this kind of questions
answered is My Oracle Support communities.
My Oracle Support communities helps
you to increase productivity with access to on-line support communities,
specific to your Oracle environment, backed by Oracle support experts.
Collaborate with an extensive global peer group who share real-world best
practices, tips and tricks. It also help with real-time access to Oracle
expertise that is relevant to your systems. My
Oracle Support community
— part of our exclusive web portal My Oracle
Support —offers you immediate, secure access to the critical information you
need for a superior support experience.

At the heart of My Oracle Support community are hundreds of engagement spaces that
cover a wide range of technologies, applications, and business processes. But
this is so much more than just a discussion forum as it allows you to build
your own knowledge network.

Oracle Support community
members are experts and peers
from the Oracle customer base, with real-world experience; and Oracle’s own
Support engineers moderate and contribute to the communities. The result:
unparalleled access to a combination of deep and practical expertise.


• Direct access to a
network of Oracle support experts

• Collaboration with
extensive peer group

• First to know -
early access to product news and support features

• Enhanced Search


• Personalized -
Drive greater efficiencies with streamlined, relevant content

• Proactive - Avoid
unexpected downtime with critical information at your finger tips

• Collaborative -
Solve problems faster with real-time access to an expanded circle of influence

With its easy
navigation, My Oracle Support community
provides simplified and personalized access to topics and content relevant to
your specific applications and areas of interest. “Activity Streams” can be
used to segment content relevant to your needs. You can “Follow” specific
content, topics, or people and get notified in the community or by email of new
interactions in the content areas you choose to follow.


My Oracle Support is
available as part of your Oracle Premier Support subscription. To get started,
visit Communities and join the discussion,
or visit oracle.com/support, click on My Oracle Support Community Tab, and
begin reaping the benefits of this exclusive collaborative support portal.

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