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Defining Properties in Oracle Property Manager

In Oracle
Property Manager, the term property refers to land or to built-up property.
Whether your property consists of vacant land or buildings, you can define it
at several levels. The property information which is defined in Property
Manager can be used

  • To
    identify and to maintain the physical features of a property
  • To
    associate the property with Lease agreements
  • To
    assign it to employees and customers
  • To reporting purpose

of Properties

built-up property, the default location hierarchy is building, floor, and
office. For land, the location hierarchy is land, parcel, and section

1.  Properties: In properties window, you can define
property with property name, location / address etc. Once the property is
saved, you can associate existing buildings or land with it.  

Under properties, you
can have

  • Building: You define buildings in the Building
    window, including the name, alias, tenure, and from and to dates of the
    building you are defining.
  • Floors: Once the building is
    defined, you define the names of the individual floors. You can define from and
    to dates for each floor, or use the dates that default from the Building window.
    You can also define the type of space like work space, etc.
  • Offices: Once the floor structure
    is defined, the next step would be to define offices. You define the individual
    office spaces by office number. You can define from and to dates, or use the
    dates defaulted from the Floor window. You can also break down the 
    usable, and assignable space by office number, and define the common areas, and
    the maximum and optimum number of occupants for a space.
2.  Land, Parcels, and Sections

Defining land is identical to
defining buildings. You define land using a three-layered structure that
includes defining land in the Land window, defining parcels in the Parcel window,
and defining sections in the Section window. These windows contain the same fields
as the Building, Floor, and Office windows.

For detailed information on how to
define properties refer Property Manager
user's guide.

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    Not so useful. The subject would advice to have explanatin as to how to do a property entry in oracle

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