Monday Aug 11, 2014

Receivables: Autoaccounting Analyzer now available

Oracle Receivables has just launched our latest Analyzer, the AutoAccounting Analyzer.  This new analyzer is a self-service health-check script that reviews the current configurations and settings for your AutoAccounting set-up and provides feedback and recommendations to address errors you are encountering.  Your data is NOT altered in any way when you run the Analyzer.  It does not perform INSERTS, UPDATES or DELETES.

So how does it work?  When creating a transaction via the Transaction Form or via AutoInvoice, and AutoAccounting raises errors, this Analyzer could assist you in identifying the cause and how to fix it.  This list shows sample error messages, you may get variations of the error messages below:

  • Please complete the offset account assignments
  • Please correct the receivables account assignment
  • Please correct the revenue account assignment
  • APP-AR-42536 This transaction is associated with at least one invalid or end-dated GL Account.

Currently the AutoAccounting Analyzer handles issues with the following AutoAccounting Types, values in () are what you would enter as p_account_type_in parameter when running the Analyzer:

  • Revenue (REV)
  • Receivable (REC)
  • Unearned Revenue (OFFSET)
  • Unbilled Receivable (OFFSET)
  • AutoInvoice Clearing (OFFSET)

How do you download and use this Analyzer?  The AutoAccounting Analyzer can be run via SQL*Plus or as a Concurrent Request.  For step by step details on how to download and run see DocID: 1904785.1 Oracle Receivables AutoAccounting Analyzer

The note includes two short videos on how to install the Analyzer as well as how to use the Output of the Analyzer.

Below is a small portion of the sample output.

Order Management Suite Product Resource Guide

The Order Management Suite Product Resource Guide brings together all pertinent information for each of the Order Management Suite Applications into one source document. The document identifies different types of structured content that you need for each of the Order Management Suite Applications:
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Configurator
  • Order Management
  • Release Management
  • Shipping Execution
  • Transportation Management
For each of the above listed applications, the following structured content links are displayed in a very easy to read table format:
  • Information Center(s)
  • Support enhanced release Content Documents (RCD)
  • Getting Started FAQs
  • Patching
  • Documentation
  • Diagnostic Scripts
  • Customer Newsletters & Blogs
  • White Papers
  • Communities  
  • Webcasts

This document provides you one location for all of the information you need most. 

Add Order Management Suite Product Resource Guide (Doc ID 1092425.1) to your list of favorites (click the yellow star to the left of the document name).  Once adding the document to your list of favorites, you can pull it up easily by clicking on the yellow star next to the search box (top right corner) in My Oracle Support.

Notify us if there are additional resources you would like added to the Resource Guide by adding a comment to the document (top right of any document).  Having all pertinent information in one place will save us all time.


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