Friday Aug 01, 2014

Guided Resolution Now Available for Cancel or Discard Issues!

Guided Resolution Flows for Invoice Cancel and Discard Issues are here!

With the latest upgrade of My Oracle Support we have enabled Guided Resolution Flows for some products so that when you create an SR for a specific problem type you will see a specific set of questions that guide you through to a targeted solution.

Oracle Payables is one of the lucky products that was first to go live with this new functionality and you will see the new SR create process under Invoice Processing Issues and Reporting (Cancel/Discard) problem type:

When you click Next instead of seeing possible solution documents displayed you will be asked a series of targeted questions that will lead you to a solution.

When you have answered the questions on your specific path you will be shown the solution we believe will resolve your issue. 

At this point you can save your SR as Draft whilst you investigate the solution or, if it was a quick fix that you have already verified, you can click the Solved Issue button to let us know the Guided Resolution helped you resolve your issue!

If for some reason you aren't able to locate the right solution there is still the Next button to log an SR as usual but the good news is that your answers will automatically be recorded in the SR and this information will be used to help us understand your issue further and to help us improve our tool.

Over the coming days and weeks, more Guided Resolution Flows will be made available to you - so keep your eyes open!

We hope you enjoy using these new tools and that you find your solutions faster than ever!  As usual we would love your feedback so get in touch on the Payables community thread!

What's New in the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)

The My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) is a trusted network of supported customers, Oracle employees and the same Oracle Technical Support engineers that work your Service Requests.  MOSC is a resource that helps you, our customers, find the information you need, when you need it and where you can collaborate with peers to share experience, avoid problems, and grow your knowledge.

On July 19th My Oracle Support Communities (MOSC) migrated to a later release of the current platform and based on your input, we’ve refined the look and feel, created intuitive navigation, provided powerful search functionality and added more new features.

Key points:

  • Attributes such as your name, profile, points, followings etc. that were just setup in the latest release of My Oracle Support Community stay the same.
  • The navigation and layout is new.
  • There are new features as outlined in the training videos and documentation links provided in this blog.

For a quick review of the My Oracle Support Community 'How to' content see the 'Just the Facts' tab in the information center document:

  • Information Center: My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) - How to Video's, Documentations, Webcast Schedules and more ... (Doc ID 1616733.1)

To see the My Oracle Support Community enhancements in action watch the following Training Videos:
Watch : My Oracle Support Community Platform Overview (10:22)

Watch : How to complete your My Oracle Support Profile (08:23)

Watch : How to start a discussion in the My Oracle Support Community (08:11)

Watch : How to reply to a discussion in the My Oracle Support Community (08:35)

We welcome your feedback, please send any kudos or questions to the Getting Started (MOSC) community.


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