Monday Jun 23, 2014

General Ledger - Accounting Setups Diagnostic Now Available!

Accounting Setup Manager is the central place where all accounting setup is defined and maintained. Collecting information related to your ledger and its configuration could be time-consuming while the ledger architecture is much more complex in Release 12 and multiple pages need to be accessed in order to gather a complete set of details. 

Collect all this setup information in one diagnostic run! Find information related to: 

  • Primary Ledger and its associated ledgers 
  • Legal Entities
  • Configuration details
  • Ledgers relationships
  • Balancing segments assignments
  • Intercompany and Intracompany rules
  • Relevant table data and files version
Sample Diagnostic Output

Tired of running too many scripts, browse through many setup pages and take screenshots to prove your ledger's configuration?

Get it all at once with a single Sql run!

New Diagnostic tool available in: R12: Accounting Setup Manager (ASM) Diagnostic (Doc ID 1643493.1)

Important Announcement for Oracle EBS HRMS (Netherlands) Users!

The following patches have been released via MyOracleSupport: 

Release 12.0 Patch 18789871:R12.PAY.A
Release 12.1 Patch 18789871:R12.PAY.B
Release 12.2 Patch 18789871:R12.PAY.C

 The following legislative changes for Oracle EBS HRMS (Netherlands) Users are included in the patch: 

1. Discount hiring young employee effective from July 2014
In Dutch localization, as of 1-July-2014, an employer can receive a discount when hiring new young employees from a previous unemployment or disability situation. The discount must be calculated on a periodic basis and reported in the Wage Report. This patch delivers a new element 'Discount for Hiring Young Employees' which can be attached to the employees for the eligible period.

2. Legal Minimum Wage Changes effective from July 2014
To comply with the legislative changes for Legal Minimum Wages effective 01-Jul-2014, this patch modifies the values of the predefined user table NL_LEGAL_MINIMUM_WAGES effective from 01-Jul-2014.

NOTE: There are Post Install Steps which need to be run after patch installation. Doc ID 1603678.1 - Netherlands : Legislative Updates for 2014 has important installation, setup instructions and guidelines.

The following MyOracleSupport notes have been updated: 

Netherlands : Legislative Updates for 2014 (Doc ID 1603678.1)
Netherlands Payroll Mandatory Patches Release 12.0 (Doc ID 552364.1)
Netherlands Payroll Mandatory Patches Release 12.1 (Doc ID 863866.1)
Netherlands Payroll Mandatory Patches Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1626273.1)

If you encounter any issues with these patches, please raise a Service Request via My Oracle Support with Oracle Payroll Support.


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