Friday Jun 06, 2014

Managing the Unload LPN Functionality for Inbound LPNs is as Easy as 1,2,3

Resolve your WMS putaway issues as easy as one, two, three by using Doc ID 1479753.1 - How To Use The Unload Functionality for Inbound LPNs [Video].

You can review Doc ID 1479753.1 and see the easy setup steps and latest patches available to get the new Unload Functionality for Inbound LPN's. In the document, you can also review the short setup and demo video.

The new functionality makes LPN clean up more robust, and makes it easier to work with LPNs that are in receiving and/or have missing/corrupted open move order lines or location discrepancies. Along with the original cleanup, you can work with stuck/pending putaway transactions for many common errors such as 'Invalid LPN', 'Unsuccessful Row Construction', 'Task Errored out', 'Online transaction failed', 'Unable to allocate space' while trying to receive, and inspect or putaway LPN's.

So review Doc ID 1479753.1 and save hours by using the Inbound Unload Functionality for Inbound LPN's.

ORAchk 2.2.5 – New Tool Features & New Health Checks for the Oracle Stack

ORAchk version 2.2.5 is now available for download, new features in 2.2.5:

  • Running checks for multiple databases in parallel
  • Ability to schedule multiple automated runs via ORAchk daemon
  • New "scratch area" for ORAchk temporary files moved from /tmp to a configurable $HOME directory location
  • System health score calculation now ignores skipped checks
  • Checks the health of pluggable databases using OS authentication
  • New report section to report top 10 time consuming checks to be used for optimizing runtime in the future
  • More readable report output for clusterwide checks
  • Includes over 50 new Health Checks for the Oracle Stack
  • Provides a single dashboard to view collections across your entire enterprise using the Collection Manager, now pre-bundled
  • Expands coverage of pre and post upgrade checks to include standalone databases, with new profile options to run only these checks
  • Expands to additional product areas in E-Business Suite of Workflow & Oracle Purchasing and in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • ORAchk has replaced the popular RACcheck tool, extending the coverage based on prioritization of top issues reported by users, to proactively scan for known problems within the area of:

    • Oracle Database
      • Standalone Database
      • Grid Infrastructure & RAC
      • Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Validation
      • Upgrade Readiness Validation
      • Golden Gate
    • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
      • Repository
    • E-Business Suite
      • Oracle Payables (R12 only)
      • Oracle Workflow
      • Oracle Purchasing (R12 only)
    • Oracle Sun Systems
      • Oracle Solaris

    ORAchk features:

    • Proactively scans for the most impactful problems across the various layers of your stack
    • Streamlines how to investigate and analyze which known issues present a risk to you
    • Executes lightweight checks in your environment, providing immediate results with no configuration data sent to Oracle
    • Local reporting capability showing specific problems and their resolutions
    • Ability to configure email notifications when problems are detected
    • Provides a single dashboard to view collections across your entire enterprise using the Collection Manager

    ORAchk will expand in the future with high impact checks in existing and additional product areas. If you have particular checks or product areas you would like to see covered, please post suggestions in the ORAchk subspace in My Oracle Support Community.

    For more details about ORAchk see Document 1268927.2


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