Thursday May 29, 2014

Fixed Assets Recommended Patch Collections

After the introduction of the Recommended Patch Collections (RPCs) in late 2012, Fixed Assets development has released an RPC about every six months.  You may recall that an RPC is a collection of recommended patches consolidated into a single, downloadable patch, ready to be applied.  The RPCs are created with the following goals in mind:

  • Stability:  Address issues that occur often and interfere with the normal completion of crucial business processes, such as period close--as observed by Oracle Development and Global Customer Support.
  • Root Cause Fixes:  Deliver a root cause fix for data corruption issues that delay period close, normal transaction flow actions, performance, and other issues.
  • Compact:  While bundling a large number of important corrections, the file footprint is kept as small as possible to facilitate uptake and minimize testing.
  • Reliable:  Reliable code with multiple customer downloads and comprehensive testing by QA, Support and Proactive Support. 

There has been a revision to the RPC release process for spring 2014.  Instead of releasing product-specific RPCs, development has released a 12.1.3 RPC that is EBS-wide.  This EBS RPC includes all product-recommended patches along with their dependencies.

To find out more about this EBS-wide RPC, please review Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3+ Recommended Patch Collection 1 (RPC1) (Doc ID 1638535.1).

Procurement and E-Business Suite Product Analyzers .. Can you use this tool to resolve your SR?

Procurement and E-Business Suite Product Analyzers (Doc ID 1545562.1).

Analyzers are Query/Read only tools with easy to read html output. The tools are delivered by EBS Support via My Oracle Support documents ids for ease of use. The Analyzer scripts are meant to be part of your Production maintenance program by your Sysadmin, or to designated end users. The result set is an easy to read html output that provides recommendations, solutions and early warnings to of items that should be reviewed and correct. Each analyzer can be ran on demand or scheduled for repeatability and emailed to critical reviewers.

There are several Analyzers available for E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group, Financials, and Manufacturing including some of the following topics.  Review them all at (Doc ID 1545562.1).

    • Workflow
    • Concurrent Processing
    • Clone Log Parser Utility (Rapid Clone)
    • Invoices, Payments, Accounting, Suppliers and EBTax
    • Validate Data before Period Close
    • EBTax Setup
    • Payables Trial Balance
    • Internet Expenses
    • AutoInvoice Post-Process
    • ASCP Performance
    • PO Approval
    • iProcurement Items

For the Procurement specific Analyzers access them directly at:

R12 IP Item Analyzer Diagnostic Script (Doc ID 1586248.1)

R12: PO Approval Analyzer Diagnostic Script (Doc ID 1525670.1)


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