Monday May 19, 2014

Troubleshooting iStore Order Placement

If you use iStore then you won't want to miss our latest Integration Troubleshooting note: Integration Troubleshooting : iStore to Order Management (Doc ID 1621430.2). 

iStore is used for the entering of Sales Orders of both standard and configurable items.  It integrates with Order Management, via the Order Capture APIs, to create, update, and process Sales Orders. 

The purpose of Doc ID 1621430.2 is to aid in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of issues in the integration flow between:

  • iStore
  • Order Capture APIs
  • Order Management.

The document includes information about the business flow, integrations, important tables and troubleshooting throughout the iStore business process. Where iStore integrates with other applications, links to the information centers for those other products are listed as well.

Take a look at Doc ID 1621430.2 and let us have some feedback on what you like and what can be improved!

Payables Subledger Accounting Explained!

Subledger Accounting can be complex but if you follow the advice in our white paper you will be on the road to success!

Subledger Accounting (SLA) is a rule-based accounting engine that centralizes accounting for Oracle E-Business Suite products in R12. Subledger Accounting is not a separate product in itself. 

Together with the new ledger support, Subledger Accounting enables support of multiple accounting requirements concurrently in a single instance. Different accounting regulations can be satisfied by maintaining and applying different sets of rules to different sets of transactions, or accounting for the same transaction with multiple methods. Subledger accounting options define how journal entries are generated from subledger transactions at the subledger application level. 

Note: SLA replaces the different accounting engines available in 11i e.g., the AP accounting engine, FA accounting engine, Global Accounting Engine (AX), and so forth. 

This white paper that was recently updated is very comprehensive and describes the setup of the Payables Subledger Accounting feature that is available in Release 12.  It includes a step by step guide on how to configure the SLA feature for business transactions. 

Payables SLA allows users to personalize their accounting setup according to business needs and this updated white paper now includes 8 test cases together with setup demonstration and results.

Find out all about SLA setup and configuration by reviewing the white paper: 

Subledger Accounting Setup for Oracle Payables (with examples) (Doc ID 1612433.1)


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