Monday May 12, 2014

OPM LCM integration Key Setup Analyzer

Oracle Landed Cost Management (LCM) enables organizations to gain insight into the real costs associated with acquiring products. Landed cost is the cost to "land" a product on the buyer's final location. These costs are initially estimated and then updated with actual amounts, as they become known, allocating them to shipments, orders, and products. Landed costs may include costs like freight, storage, taxes, and handling.

The OPM-LCM integration provides better insight for product forecasting and budgeting, and provides clear evidence of the detailed accumulation of expenses for regulatory requirements and reporting.

The script located in Doc ID 1664410.1 OPM LCM integration Key Setup Analyzer gives the overview of  Landed cost management ( LCM) integration with Oracle Process Manufacturing Financials ( OPM ), Types of usage of LCM ( as Service and Pre-Receiving),  Key setups involved in using Landed cost Management ( LCM ) on process enabled organizations. The document also explains how to download and run the OPM LCM integration Key Setup Analyzer Script , input parameters and a sample output.

Demantra Engine on Linux Install, Upgrade Troubleshooting Whitepaper

Development and Proactive Support have released the 9th edition of the Demantra Engine on Linux Install Upgrade Troubleshooting Configuration whitepaper.   If you are using, installing or upgrading Demantra on Linux or Unix you may find this document very valuable!  This new white paper contains special Linux/Unix instructions when deploying the Demantra Analytical Engine. Covering important topics listed below and MORE!

  • Deploying Demantra on Linux or UNIX 
  • 64bit Analytical Engine Requirement
  • Hardware requirements for Analytical Engine on Linux
  • About the Installer
  • Configure the Web Application on UNIX
  • Configure the Engine on Linux
  • Post-install Configuration
  • Engine Manager Configuration
  • Configure Environment Variables
  • Deploying on Oracle Application Server (OAS) 
  • Deploying on WebLogic
  • Deploying on Tomcat
  • Engine Configuration
  • Configure Environment Variables
  • Configure the Engine
  • Engine Starter Server
  • Running the Engine
  • Sample Commands
  • Samba Configuration
  • Distributed Engine
  • Configure Promotion Optimization (PMO) on Linux (Optional)
  • Configure the Standalone Integration Tool (APS Standalone) on UNIX (Optional)
  • Run the Engine Administrator on Linux
  • Calling Oracle Demantra Analytical Engine from UNIX Environment
  • Engine on Solaris

Plus a comprehensive Engine Troubleshooting/Common Issues section. To review the new, 9th edition, see My Oracle Support (MOS) Doc ID 1389868.1.


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