Tuesday Feb 11, 2014

Attention Oracle Mexico Payroll Customers: 2013 Year End Phase 1 Patches have been Released!

The Oracle Mexico Payroll 2013 Year End Phase 1 patches have been released and are now available on My Oracle Support.

R12.0 Patch 17941884:R12.PAY.A
R12.1 Patch 17941884:R12.PAY.B

Please note:
- These patches include both the 2014 Year Begin (Patch 17924551:R12.PAY.x) and 2014 ISR Tax Rates (Patch 18050606:R12.PAY.x) patches. Therefore, it is not necessary to also apply these separately if you have not already done so.
- These patches are different from all other statutory updates (there are additional post installation steps), so please be sure to carefully read the entire patch readme before beginning to install these patches to ensure successful processing.

Here are a few highlights of this patch release:

- CFDI Payroll Payslip XML Interface: The 2014 ISR tax legislation mandates that employers generate employee payroll payslips in XML format in order to get the CFDI (Certificado Fiscal Digital por Internet - Internet Digital Fiscal Certificate) from the government agency SAT. These patches deliver the components to allow customers to generate XML payslips.
Important Notes regarding the CFDI Payroll Payslip XML Interface:
- There are mandatory setup steps after applying this patch. Please read the entire Functional readme for details.
- The CFDI Payroll Payslip XML Interface delivered in this patch includes only mandatory fields. Those fields are described in the XML layouts posted by the government.
- The optional XML fields and several enhancements to this functionality will be delivered in the 2013 Year End Phase 2 patch.
- To comply with the statutory requirements, this functionality generates one XML file per payslip. However, it also generates a single XML file with all the employee payslips.
- State tax updates: The state tax rate has been increased to 3.0% for Distrito Federal, Mexico and Puebla states, effective January 1st, 2014.

Please see the patch readmes on My Oracle Support for functional details and full patch install instructions.
Doc ID 1597562.1 - 2013 MX Payroll Year End Phase 1 Rel 12.0
Doc ID 1597597.1 - 2013 MX Payroll Year End Phase 1 Rel 12.1

For complete details on the Oracle Mexico Payroll Year End Patching Schedule, see My Oracle Support Doc ID 975677.1: Mexico HRMS 2013 Year End Patch Release Schedule.

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