Monday Feb 03, 2014

Just Released! 12.1.3: Oracle Procurement: Purchasing Roll Up Patch

Just Released! 12.1.3: Oracle Procurement: Purchasing Roll Up Patch 18120913:R12.PRC_PF.B

The focus of this RUP is the Purchasing Document Open Interface (PDOI) and Buyer Work Center (BWC) which accumulate fixes related to the PDOI and BWC for release 12.1.3.  Here are some of the highlights.

Buyer Work Center (BWC)

With this release enhancements to the BWC focus on the following main areas:

  • Session Preferences-enables user to setup session preferences in the BWC
  • BPA Lead Time-if a user updates a GBPA line additional information with lead time information and then creates a PO in the BWC with GBPA reference, with approval of PO the Promise date is derived
  • Search Cleanup-code now validates all Search parameters enabling consistent searching in BWC
  • Multiple Supplier Email Address (now allowed in both BWC and Forms).

Purchasing Document Open Interface (PDOI)

Enhancements to PDOI include:

  • Ability to create Purchase Orders (POs) with Requisition Reference
  • Ability to create a Global Blanket Purchase Agreement (GBPA) and Global Contract Purchase Agreement (GCPA) reference through PDOI
  • Ability to use Advance Pricing in PDOI
  • Importing Contract Agreements through PDOI
  • Utilizing PDOI to autocreate Sourcing/ Consumption Advice/Documentation Flows to create Standard Purchase Order/Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • Ability to include Contract Reference in the Autocreate Form/Document Builder

Create and Update Purchase Orders Using New Business Service Object (BSO) Web Service

With this release, you can use the new Business Service Object web service to create and update Purchase Orders of types: Standard Purchase Orders, Complex Purchase Orders, Global Blanket Purchase Agreements and Global Contract Purchase Agreements. Oracle Purchasing Buyer Work Center functions are supported by this web service.

See Doc ID 1468883.1 today for more information.

New Contracts Billing Troubleshooting Assistant

The Service Contracts billing process often gives rise to lots of questions and issues.  If you've ever searched the MOS knowledge base for service contracts billing issues then you'll know that there are a lot of notes out there and it can be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for.  So, we've created a new Troubleshooting Assistant to try and help you find what you need more quickly. 

Take a look at Doc ID 1608580.2: Troubleshooting Assistant: Service Contracts Billing.  The note allows you to select an area of billing that you are interested in, then you select the symptoms you are seeing or select sub-topics and then presents you with relevant notes based on your selections.

Don't forget that there is also the Information Center: Oracle Service Contracts (Doc ID 1271128.2) which is another way of accessing knowledge documents using topics other than executing a search.


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