Thursday Dec 19, 2013

Integration between Enterprise Asset Management and Oracle Time and Labor

A new white paper provides an overview of how Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) integrates with Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) in connection with timecard data provided by OTL. The following topics are discussed:

•     Required Setup Steps
•     Process Flow for Integration between OTL and   EAM
•     Basic Technical Details (tables etc)
•     Product Enhancements
•     Frequently asked questions

EAM is the application used to create and implement maintenance procedures for both assets and rebuildable inventory items. EAM tracks the performance of assets (including rebuildables and inventory items) using meters, quality plans, and condition monitoring systems. By effectively monitoring an asset's operating condition, effective preventive maintenance strategies can be implemented.

Oracle Time & Labor is part of Oracle’s Human Resources Management System (HRMS) – it is an intuitive web-enabled timecard solution that completely automates the process of time record keeping.  It can help to control costs and time worked, consolidate timecard information and adhere to organizational time management rules. For employees, it offers a simplified way to submit, review, track and approve timecards.

Employees, line managers, authorized delegates or administrators can submit timecards, and supervisors, managers and/or administrators can review the approval
status on the web. Timecards can be approved automatically or routed for approval using Oracle Workflow.

Hence, the business scenario is as follows :

•    Firstly, work orders are created in EAM to carry out maintenance work on an asset.  There will be operations linked against the work order to carry out the work and these operations will be linked to departments and resources. The resources can then be linked to specific employees who will be doing the work.
•    These employees can then enter timecard data against the above work orders to specify how much time they have spent working on the specific operation for the work order.
•    These timecards are then migrated to EAM where they will result in resource transactions created against the work order.

White Paper : Integration between Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) (Doc ID 1606963.1) describes how the above integration works.


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