Tuesday Nov 12, 2013

Have you Been Missing the 'About This Record' Functionality on the Customer Form...?

Do you have fond memories of the 'Help -> About This Record'  functionality that used to be available in the old Customer form - when it was a form, and not a java html screen?  Back in Release 11i, we had the ability to identify when the customer record had last been updated and by whom.  When some forms were replaced by Java HTML screens, you could identify some of this information via the 'About this Page' hyperlink at the bottom left hand corner of the HTML page.  You could enable this by enabling the FND: Diagnostics profile option, but many customers found this had an adverse effect on performance and additionally was not user-friendly.  

Our customers tell us that this feature was widely used to identify owner/update information in many business processes, including auditing, customer entry/update, research and testing.  There have been various efforts to revert this feature by customising java pages, but this was not fully successful in some cases. 

Oracle Support is happy to announce that this functionality has now been included in the Customer screens in Release 12.2 onwards.  

You will be able to query the record history at customer level, at site level, at site address levels and for all tabs relating to the customer.

Simply click on the 'Record History' icon, available in the Record History column on a summary screen, or via the same icon on the individual detail screen to display the following information:

  • Last Updated Date:
  • Last Updated By
  • Creation Date
  • Created By
  • Last Update Login

OM: Effective Troubleshooting Techniques to Debug Order Import


There is a new document available to help you debug Order Import in Order Management: 
Effective Troubleshooting Techniques to Debug Order Import Issues (Doc ID 1558196.1)

The white paper addresses debugging from a technical perspective. This approach is to assist users in understanding the actual issue, as well as help them in the early resolution of any order import issue.

It will walk you through several cases, with supporting debug logs / trace files taken for each case. Educating you along the way for what debug logs / trace files should be gathered, as trace files are not always needed.  It will also walk you through the supporting documents so you will know what to look for in your case.

Please refer to this note the next time you have an Order Import error. Or you could step through it now, so you are informed the next time you encounter an Order Import error.  Happy debugging!


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