Friday Oct 25, 2013

New RUP Patch for iSupplier Portal, Sourcing and Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Just released - the 12.1.3 Rollup (RUP) Patch 17525552:R12.PRC_PF.B for iSupplier Portal, Sourcing and Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM).

Who should apply this patch?

Anyone that is on Release 12.1.3 and is using  iSupplier Portal, Sourcing or Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) functionality.

The following areas have had major fixes:

  • Prospective Supplier Guided Navigation: The train-navigation is introduced for prospective supplier registration so that prospective suppliers can see all steps needed to successfully register themselves.
  • Supplier Registration Workflow Enhancement: With this release, provided the Approval Management Engine (AME) action required notifications for supplier approval, so that all workflow related features can be enabled. Vacation rules can be set, approvals can be forwarded and more information can be requested through the notification itself.  Additionally AME parallel Approval support for Supplier Registration approvals has been added.
  • Reinstate Supplier Request: Allow buyer to reopen/reinstate the rejected supplier. Supplier is able to access their previously rejected registration again and make changes and resubmit request.
  • Contact Address Association: The prospective supplier is allowed to associate addresses with contacts (including Primary) during the prospective supplier registration process.
  • Primary Contact Enhancement: The prospective supplier can be registered without creating a user account for the primary contact.
  • Mandatory Attributes: In the negotiation requirement creation page, the lookup meaning of 'Internal' has been changed to 'Internal Optional', and a new lookup value with meaning as 'Internal Required' has been added. The values available in the 'Type' dropdown now are Display Only, Internal Optional, Internal Required, Supplier Optional and Supplier Required.  So now during supplier evaluations, internal user response can be set as mandatory by using Internal Required type during requirement creation.
  • Notifications to Supplier:  When the supplier saves and submits their supplier registration request, then a notification with a registration status page link will be sent for further access.  When the buyer approves, rejects or returns the request, the supplier will be notified in an email with the current status.
There are also 10 major enhancements included in this RUP.

For information about this RUP; including, the fixes and enhancements included, how to access and apply the patch, performing an impact analysis on your system, and testing recommendations, see Doc ID 1591198.1Don’t delay apply the patch today!

Payments - Chase Paymentech PTK Decomissioning FTP After July 2014

Customers who have integrated Oracle Payments with Chase Paymentech payment system are being contacted by Paymentech informing them about the impending desupport of standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP).  Customers are being advised to look for alternate protocol to connect to Paymentech for credit card and direct debit payment processing. 

Oracle Payments product management and development is aware of Paymentech PTK decomissioning FTP after July 2014. They are currently evaluating using SFTP as an alternative.  Please monitor Doc ID 1586425.1 for the latest updates.

Update (added 22-Aug-2014): Paymentech have extended the decomissioning deadline to October 2014.  


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