Thursday Oct 31, 2013

E-Mail Center: How to Debug Auto-Processing Issues


Do you use E-mail Center Auto-Processing functionality?  Auto-processing rules can be defined which will process an email and initiate actions such as sending an auto-reply, auto-acknowledgement or service request update or creation. 

If you're using auto-processing in your environment, then you will have noticed that, when things go wrong, often the only indication that there is an issue is if the email goes to the Supervisor Queue for manual processing instead of being sent.  Oracle Development has developed a script to help you debug when an email is meant to be auto-processed but is failing. There are scripts for R12.0.6 through to R12.1.3.

See Doc ID 1427925.1 for details of the script and how to use it.

Webcast: Oracle Loans Overview - Features, Demonstration & Data Model

Webcast_icon.jpgWebcast: Oracle Loans Overview - Features, Demonstration & Data Model

Date:  November 13, 2013 at 10 am ET, 9 am CT, 8 am MT, 7 am PT

Come learn about Oracle Loans features & data model.  This one-hour session is recommended for technical and functional users who use or are planning to use Oracle Loans.

Topics will include:
  •     Definition and feature summary
  •     Key business concepts for Oracle Loans
  •     Direct Loans demonstration
  •     Introduction to the Loans data model
Bring your questions!


For more details on how to register, see Doc ID 1590843.1.

 Remember that you can access a full listing of all future webcasts as well as replays from Doc ID 7409661.1.

Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

Webcast: CRM Foundations - Notes, Attachments and Folder Technology


Webcast: CRM Foundations - Notes, Attachments and Folder Technology

Date: November 21, 2013 at 11am ET, 10am CT, 8am PT, 4pm GMT, 9.30pm IST

Don't miss this webcast if you want to know how to get the most out of using Notes and learn how to leverage best practices for Folder technology and Attachments.  This session will help users who are struggling with any of these topics understand how to use them better and more efficiently.


  • Set up and use of Notes
  • Notes Security
  • Attachments and their use throughout CRM
  • Folder Technology
  • Any new functionality related to these topics in release 12.2Set up and use of Notes.


For more details and how to register see Doc ID 1592459.1

Remember that you can access a full listing of all future webcasts as well as replays from Doc ID 7409661.1.

Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

HCM: North America: Year End Knowledge Content References

As we all know, the next couple of months will be busy ones for the Payroll and IT department in relation to preparing for Year End,as a means of assisting you to find documented knowledge in reference to North American (NA) Year End, the following reference guide has been put together:

General Knowledge:

  • Doc ID 404478.1 Americas (US, CA, MX) HCM High Priority Alert
  • Doc ID 1577601.1 North American Year End 2013 / 2014 Year Begin Patch Information and Useful Links.
    • Monitor this note as it will be updated as new information becomes available

NA Year End Processing:

Patching :

  • Document 216109.1 - Oracle Human Resources (HRMS) Payroll North America Annual Patching Schedule
  • Document 1160507.1 - Oracle E-Business Suite - Consolidated HRMS Mandatory Patch List
  • Document 1144633.1 - US Year End Patch Flow Advisor: E-Business Suite (EBS) Human Capital Management (HCM) for US Legislation patching

2013 YE Phase I Readme's



Known Issues / How To:

Document 1527958.2 - Information Center: Oracle HRMS (US) (All Application Versions)

  • Look specifically at the US- Year End Tab for information on:
    • Year End Pre-Processor
    • 1099R
    • Federal, State, and Local Magnetic Media
    • W-2 Paper Reports
    • W-2 PDF
    • W-2 Register

Additional Resources:


  • Document 1455851.1 - Advisor Webcasts for Oracle E-Business Suite- Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Document 1592483.1 - Webcast: EBS North American Payroll Year End Process Flow
      • November 20, 2013 at 3:30 pm ET, 2:30 pm CT, 1:30 pm MT, 12:30 pm PT

Monday Oct 28, 2013

Web Applications Desktop Integrator (WebADI) Feature for Install Base Mass Update in 12.1.3


The integration of WebADI technology with the Install Base Mass Update function is designed to make creation and update of bulk item instances much easier than in the past.

What is it?

WebADI is an Excel-based desktop application where users can download an Excel template with item instances pre-populated based on search criteria.  Users can create and update item instances in the Excel sheet and finally upload the Excel data using an "upload" option available in the Excel menu. On upload, the modified data will bulk upload to interface tables which are processed by an asynchronous concurrent program that users can monitor for the uploaded results.


This allows users to work in a disconnected Environment: session time outs can be avoided, as once a template is downloaded the user can work in a disconnected environment and once all updates are done the new input can be uploaded. Also the data can be saved for later update and upload.

Web ADI for IB Mass Update Data Flow

For more details review the following:

Troubleshooting Assistants Are A New Way To Find Solutions!

Are you struggling to find the solutions to your issue from the vast collection of documents available on My Oracle Support(MOS)?

Well we have great news for you!  'Troubleshooting Assistants' formerly known as 'Search Helpers' were created to help you find your solutions faster. We now have so many across EBS that we need an index for them!

EBS: Assistant (Search Helper) Index - Doc ID 1501724.1

Oracle Payables has them for the following popular problem areas -

Invoice Matching
Cancel and Discard


Cash Management.

To use them you simply answer the question which area you are having an issue with and select the boxes that describe your symptoms and the solutions are displayed for you!    



Much quicker than looking through all those MOS documents - don't you agree?

You can access these assistants directly from the index or from the Troubleshooting Payables Information Center.  

We are seeing amazing results from the happy customers who have already found and used them - so please take a minute to give them a try.  We would love to hear how we can improve them to better assist you so please rate the documents in MOS or provide your feedback below.

Bookmark the assistants today and give them a go next time you need to find a solution!

Friday Oct 25, 2013

New RUP Patch for iSupplier Portal, Sourcing and Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Just released - the 12.1.3 Rollup (RUP) Patch 17525552:R12.PRC_PF.B for iSupplier Portal, Sourcing and Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM).

Who should apply this patch?

Anyone that is on Release 12.1.3 and is using  iSupplier Portal, Sourcing or Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) functionality.

The following areas have had major fixes:

  • Prospective Supplier Guided Navigation: The train-navigation is introduced for prospective supplier registration so that prospective suppliers can see all steps needed to successfully register themselves.
  • Supplier Registration Workflow Enhancement: With this release, provided the Approval Management Engine (AME) action required notifications for supplier approval, so that all workflow related features can be enabled. Vacation rules can be set, approvals can be forwarded and more information can be requested through the notification itself.  Additionally AME parallel Approval support for Supplier Registration approvals has been added.
  • Reinstate Supplier Request: Allow buyer to reopen/reinstate the rejected supplier. Supplier is able to access their previously rejected registration again and make changes and resubmit request.
  • Contact Address Association: The prospective supplier is allowed to associate addresses with contacts (including Primary) during the prospective supplier registration process.
  • Primary Contact Enhancement: The prospective supplier can be registered without creating a user account for the primary contact.
  • Mandatory Attributes: In the negotiation requirement creation page, the lookup meaning of 'Internal' has been changed to 'Internal Optional', and a new lookup value with meaning as 'Internal Required' has been added. The values available in the 'Type' dropdown now are Display Only, Internal Optional, Internal Required, Supplier Optional and Supplier Required.  So now during supplier evaluations, internal user response can be set as mandatory by using Internal Required type during requirement creation.
  • Notifications to Supplier:  When the supplier saves and submits their supplier registration request, then a notification with a registration status page link will be sent for further access.  When the buyer approves, rejects or returns the request, the supplier will be notified in an email with the current status.
There are also 10 major enhancements included in this RUP.

For information about this RUP; including, the fixes and enhancements included, how to access and apply the patch, performing an impact analysis on your system, and testing recommendations, see Doc ID 1591198.1Don’t delay apply the patch today!

Payments - Chase Paymentech PTK Decomissioning FTP After July 2014

Customers who have integrated Oracle Payments with Chase Paymentech payment system are being contacted by Paymentech informing them about the impending desupport of standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP).  Customers are being advised to look for alternate protocol to connect to Paymentech for credit card and direct debit payment processing. 

Oracle Payments product management and development is aware of Paymentech PTK decomissioning FTP after July 2014. They are currently evaluating using SFTP as an alternative.  Please monitor Doc ID 1586425.1 for the latest updates.

Update (added 22-Aug-2014): Paymentech have extended the decomissioning deadline to October 2014.  

Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Service Territories White Paper - Setup and Configuration

If you use Oracle Teleservice then you are probably using Service Territories to route service requests to the right resources such as Call Center Agents, Field Service Technicians, Technical Support Groups etc.  Getting those routings to happen correctly and efficiently is key to delivering high-quality service, so having the correct territory setup is essential.  The Service development team have published a new White Paper to help you do just that! 

The White Paper includes information to help with understanding the required setups:

  • Service Territories - Locating and Sorting matching Territories, and Picking winning Territories
  • How to use Rank and Number of Winners
  • The different Access Types that can be setup
  • Operating Unit and how to use it effectively
  • How to setup and use Service Qualifiers
  • The limitation of some Geographic Qualifiers and how to overcome the limitations
  • How to use Web ADI to maintain Territories.

Territories setup screenshot

Read Doc ID 1234593.1 to access the white paper.  There was also a recent webcast on Territory Setup and Matching Attributes, you can access the recording via Doc ID 1455786.1.

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

What Version of Java JRE Are You Running with Oracle E-Business Suite?

Java Download

 Take a look at the latest Java JRE certified details listed here:

Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

What's New in OIC Analytics 11g?


Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC) Analytics for Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) breaks down traditional front and back office silos bringing together sales performance data with those responsible for the sale and selling costs. It is a framework for Sales Performance Management  based on a data mart of key performance metrics regardless of whether or not these metrics are incentivized.

Commissionable metrics are brought into OIC for commission calculation and brought back to enrich the performance data mart.  Executives and Product Marketing/Product Line Managers are provided with actionable sales performance analytics.  Incentivized salesreps and partners are provided with commission dashboards on a frequent basis to inform them how they are doing and how far they are from their goals.

OIC Analytics is now certified with 11g and has additional features.  Oracle continues to invest in OIC Analytics but the baseline for the investments will be the 11gR1 certification version of OIC Analytics.  Read about what's new and the certification details in Doc ID 1590729.1.

Monday Oct 21, 2013

Live EBS Webcasts Coming Up Soon

There are a number of live webcasts coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Webcasts are free for Oracle Support customers and are an opportunity to learn about a topic from a product expert as well as ask questions directly.  Here is a reminder of what's available and how to register.

Product Area
Register & Details
BI Publisher
EBS BI/XML Publisher Overview & Best Practices
22 October, 2200 PT
Doc ID 1582767.1
Receivables Release 12 Late Charges Functionality

23 October, 0800 PT

Doc ID 1581280.1
Advanced Catch-Weight with WMS
23 October, 1000 PT
Doc ID 1583954.1
Install Base
Endeca Extension for Oracle Install Base
24 October, 0830 PT
Doc ID 1583876.1
Understanding Work Order Closure
30 October, 0800 PT
Doc ID 1584358.1
EAM Collection Plans Within E-Business Suite 31 October, 0800 PT Doc ID 1583924.1

All the webcasts are recorded which means you can play them back whenever is convenient for you if you can't join the live session. You can access the recordings as well as the current webcast schedule from Doc ID 740966.1.

Critical Patch Update for October 2013 Now Available

The  Critical Patch Update (CPU) for October 2013 was released on October 15, 2013.  Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible.
The Critical Patch Update Advisory is the starting point for relevant information.  It includes a list of products affected, pointers to obtain the patches, a summary of the security vulnerabilities, and links to other important documents.

E-Business Suite Releases 11i and 12 Reference:

Thursday Oct 17, 2013

Have You Visited the New Procurement Enhancement Request Community?

Have you visited the new Procurement Enhancement Request Community yet?  If not, we strongly encourage you to visit this site to vote on current Enhancement Requests (ERs) available through the ‘Quick Preview of Voting List’.  You can also vote on any ER currently displayed.  Have an ER that is not listed?  Simply add it by creating a thread stating the ER and any detailed information you would like to include.  If the ER already exists in the database, we will add the ER # to the thread so that development can provide updates around the requested ERs.

This community is your one-stop source for all Enhancement information.  It is being monitored regularly by development and soon we will be posting some updates around some of the top voted Enhancement Requests.  Know that your vote counts!  By voting, you will bring forward those ERs that impact the Procurement Suite's value and usability.  Is your request industry specific?  Let us know by posting this information in the body of the thread.  We have a team monitoring these ERs and will be happy to highlight industry specific ERs to ensure they also get equal visibility!

Coming Soon:  A list of the Top implemented ERs!  Development has been working hard to make improvements to the Procurement Suite of Products and they want you to know about them!  Until then, check out the Best Practices Section for some key ERs and how they can help your company secure the most value from your implementation!!

What you need to know:

  • The Procurement Enhancement Requests Community is your 1-stop shop for the latest information on Enhancements!
  • The Community allows you to vote on ERs bringing visibility to the collective audience interest in value and usability recommendations.
  • Your place to submit any new enhancement requests.
  • Get the latest on top Procurement Enhancement Requests (ERs) - know when an improvement is PLANNED, COMING SOON, and DELIVERED.
  • This Community is owned and managed by the Oracle Procurement Development team!

Let your voice be heard by telling us what you want to see implemented in the Procurement Suite.

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

Hot Off the Presses! Get Your Release of the October Procurement Newsletter!

Get all the recent news and featured topics for the Procurement modules including Purchasing, iProcurement, Sourcing and iSupplier. Find out what Procurement experts are recommending to prevent and resolve issues.  Important links are also included.  The October newsletter features articles on:

  • The new Procurement Enhancement Request Community
  • Procurement Community Development Corner
  • Updated version of the PO Approvals Analyzer
  • Uploading Files

And there is much more…..

Newsletter document

Access the newsletter now: Doc ID 111111.1


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