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AR: Are you still on Release 12.0? Recommendations For A Smooth Month End Close In Oracle Receivables

Oracle Receivables highly recommends the following if you are running R12.0 application version.

1.  Upgrade to 12.0.6 if you are not on 12.0.6.

2.  Apply the latest consolidated patch for Receivables: Patch 12702898:R12.AR.A

3.  Run Import/Validate AAD following the following notes:

4.  Use the Subledger Period Close Exception Report to view all accounting events and journal entries that fail period close validation. This report helps in resolving exceptions quickly so that exceptions are not left to slow down the period-end close. It is automatically submitted by General Ledger when closing a GL period if there are unprocessed accounting events or non-transferred journal entries.
You can also generate the Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report through a concurrent request as follows:

Receivables Responsibility:
Nav: Control -> Requests -> Run
Execute the Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report

For more information on this report see Doc ID 793598.1: How to Use the Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report for Period Close Activity?

5.  Additional Patches on top of RUP patch listed below, these are current versions as of August 20, 2013.


Patch Number

Fixed File Version

Accounting Program Package 10381819:R12.AR.A ARPXLEXB.pls 120.77.12000000.105
Rules .ldt 16355924:R12.AR.A ARXLAAAD.ldt 120.47.12000000.84
Accounting Generation Package 15960521:R12.AR.A ARPDDB.pls 120.51.12000000.133
Xransfer to General Ledger 12965313:R12.XLA.A xlaaptrn.pkb 120.61.12000000.33
Rounding issues for RA CUST TRX LINE GL DIST ALL TABLE 14575753:R12.AR.A ARPLCREB.pls 120.31.12000000.29
Revenue Recognition 14102661:R12.AR.A
ARPLARLB.pls 120.42.12000000.17
Aging 7 Bucket Report 16308319:R12.AR.A ARXAGMW.rdf 120.54.12000000.67
Rounding Applications table 10176632:R12.AR.A ARRECACB.pls 120.44.12000000.52
AR Reconciliation Report 14085187:R12.AR.A ARRECONB.pls 120.22.12000000.20
AR to GL Reconciliation Report 14376360:R12.AR.A ARGLRECB.pls 120.21.12000000.43

Have You Tuned Up Your Concurrent Processing Processes?

Back in December we posted a blog about the new Concurrent Processing Analyzer, but this is such a cool tool that we thought we'd just send out another reminder!

The CP Analyzer will help you Self-Service your CP footprint. Take a look at Doc ID 1411723.1 it has the script to download plus a 9 min video to tell you all about how to use it.

Concurrent Processing Analyzer Features

This is a non-invasive script which provides recommended actions to be performed on the instance it was run on.  For production instances, always apply any changes to a recent clone to ensure an expected outcome.

Benefits include:

  • E-Business Applications Concurrent Processing Analyzer Overview
  • E-Business Applications Concurrent Request Analysis
  • E-Business Applications Concurrent Manager Analysis
  • Identifies Concurrent System Setup and configurations
  • Identifies and recommends Concurrent Best Practices
  • Easy to add Tool for regular Concurrent Maintenance
  • Execute Analysis anytime to compare trending from past outputs

Go to Doc ID 1411723.1 for more details and script download.

Feedback welcome!


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